Essential Summer Accessories For The Modern Gentleman

21 May 2015

Essential Summer Accessories For The Modern Gentleman

Summer is just around the corner, meaning a two month period where the well-groomed gentleman is able to express himself more than he is at any other time of year.

Business suits are traded in for polo shirts and boat shoes, briefcases for holdalls.

However, it is all too easy for the gentleman to fall into the trap of looking like he has a summer uniform, a go-to outfit comprising of beach shorts and flip flops – worn by every single male at a summer barbecue – that leaves the impression of a man who follows the expected summer fashion trends and has no creativity of his own.

To evade falling into this rut, the modern gentleman should use the right summer accessories. The term ‘accessorise’ can sound very feminine and thus most men are likely to steer clear of the accessories option when surfing online shops and when in actual shops.

But, the addition of certain pieces can turn an otherwise bland outfit into something that makes a man stand out from his peers. Here are a few essential pieces:

1.The straw hat – a staple summer piece, suggested by many, braved by few.

No, we are not talking about Sombreros, the large mexican hat that might be seen on the heads of a few fathers in airports before their holidays have even begun; we are talking about stylish, lightweight hats that uplift your summer ensemble.

straw hat summer gentlement essentials accessories
The straw hat

Perch it atop your head to keep out the sun at all angles, while the baseball-cap wearing individuals with necks red burnt by the scorching sun look on in silent envy. Find the pictured one here.

2.The woven belt – these appear on the accessory racks in shops every summer.

Go for a leather one to expel any chance of it fraying the more you wear it. Don’t be afraid of colour here, as a bright belt is an easy and great way of dressing up an otherwise boring ensemble of chino shorts and a shirt. We recommend this BOSS orange belt which can be purchased from here.

boss orange belt summer accessories modern gentleman
The woven belt

3.Continuing the theme of colour for summer, consider a bright coin case, card holder or wallet. No doubt there will be occasions on the beach where a few coins are needed to buy an ice cream, or drinks at pier-side restaurant; a bright statement coin wallet is an easy way to stand out, and oozes confidence. You can purchase this Coin Case Pouch Wallet here.

coin purse wallet summer accessories men gentlemen modern
Coin Case Pouch Wallet

4. The tote bag – a stylish alternative to the rucksack; throw in a cashmere jumper, a towel and a good book and you are good to go. Which you can purchase here.

tote bag
The tote bag

5. The driving shoe – do not be fooled by the name! These, as do a number of other items with names suggesting they are only useable for one purpose, can be worn whenever you wish. A cross between smart loafers and casual deck shoes, the driver will see you cruising around during the day in comfort and style. Choose them instead of the common espadrille. You can purchase the ones below here.

driving shoes summer essential modern gentleman
The driving shoe

6 – (last but not least) sunglasses. Look for a distinguished pair to show that even when wearing items that everyone must own, you still have a style of your own. Tortoiseshell framed sunglasses are a bold option, as are square-lensed pieces. Make sure, however, that the style fits your facial shape. There is no point in buying a pair that look exceptional on the sunglass stands if they do not suit you.

Here’s what we had in mind for this outfit: Thom Browne Tb-806

sunglasses summer essentials modern gentleman
Thom Browne Tb-806

Hopefully the above has opened your mind to a few of the many summer accessories options for men.

There are many more out there to be found and worn. A pair of shorts, flip-flops and a vest might be the easy option but a little can go a long way in terms of small additions.

Do not go over the top with it though; a modern style is very much minimalist, it is about choosing the right pieces.