15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford

24 November 2015

15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford

Every guy out there is looking to improve himself so we decided to check with a style legend and see what are the 15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford!

Tom Ford is one of the most influential designers in existence, his vibe, cool and style have inspired millions and he definitely knows a thing or two about living an elegant life!

It’s no surprise that he follows a strict schedule and has a work ethic that will probably give some of you guys a panic attack, but more on that in a future story!

We care for you, Aluxer, so the Alux team searched for a few “reasonably” priced items that fit what Tom Ford has in mind!

In order to narrow this down to a single field we went for improving one’s look!

Here are the 15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford to look better, feel better and live a life filled with class!

1. A Sense of Humor

If you can’t make her laugh or you can’t see the fun things in live, you are incomplete! Life is meant to be enjoyed!

tomf ford man needs 15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford
A sense of humor

2. A Daily Read of the Newspaper

Without taking too much out of your time just keep yourself informed with everything that’s happening in the world, it will always keep you in the conversation!

tom ford men essentials
Stay Informed

3. A Sport that You Love and are Good At

Being active is a great way to keep yourself in shape, so find the sport you love, find friends with similar interests and get active!

tom ford golf essentials
Dominate one sport

4. Tweezers

This is one of those misconceptions men make and prefer to walk out with a monobrow instead of taking a few minutes to take care of the few small imperfections! People will be looking at your face a lot, don’t want them distracted!

tom ford eyebrow essential tweezers

5. A Good Cologne that Becomes A Signature

The sooner you find your scent, the better! Women love a man that smells good, because it’s an easy way to tell more about someone! NEVER overdo it! Perfume is definitely one of the 15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford!

Alux.com recommends: Hugo Boss Men’s Boss No. 6 Eau de Toilette – $64.99

tom ford perfume noir
Tom Ford Noir

6. A Well Cut Dark Suit

There are a few moments in time when a man needs to look sharp, make sure your suit is your armor! You’re no longer a kid, you need to understand what a good suit looks and feels like! Never compromise!

Alux.com recommends: Hugo Boss Black New Wool Pasini2/Movie2 Suit Black – $726.99

tom ford james bond suit dark

7. A Pair of Classic black lace-up shoes

A modern man needs to have at least one pair of classic black lace-up shoes, no matter the brand! You don’t need to go crazy!

Alux.com recommends: Calvin Klein Men’s Gordan Leather Oxford – $100

tom ford shoes

8. A Smart Blazer

There are plenty of occasions where you can wear a smart blazer or a sports coat and picking a nice looking one can take your casual date to the next level!

Alux.com recommends: Paul Fredrick Men’s Multi Plaid Pure Wool Sport Coat – $239.95

tom ford smart blazer 15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford

9. The Perfect Pair of Dark Denim Jeans

A dark pair of Denim Jeans is a must in any wardrobe, especially paired with plain quality white shirt! This look is incredibly simple and infused with evergreen style!

Alux.com recommends: Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jean – $49.95

tom ford black jeans

10. Lots of Crisp White Cotton Shirts

You can never have too many White Cotton Shirts so make sure you stack up!

Alux.com recommends: Paul Smith London Tailored Fit Oxford Shirt White – $193

tom ford white shirts

11. Always New Socks & Underwear

His advice: Throw away the old ones every 6 months!

Alux.com recommends: Calvin Klein Men’s Classic Fit Stretch Boxer Brief (Pack of 6) – $59.00

tom ford socks underwear

12. A Classic Tuxedo

In every man’s life there are several moments when he needs to be “James Bond”, that’s when you simply need a Classic Tuxedo!

Alux.com recommends: Ralph Lauren Tuxedo Super 130’s Wool – $289.95

tom ford james bond tuxedo
You Can’t Be James Bond Without a Tuxedo

13. A Beautiful Day Watch with a Metal Band

We’ve talked a lot about watches here on Alux, even about the most expensive watches in the world, and how purchasing a great watch is one of the steps towards becoming a modern gentleman! There are a few accessories and items that are timeless and no wardrobe is complete without them!

Alux.com recommends: Rolex Submariner Black Dial Ceramic Bezel Steel Mens Watch – $8,140.00

Tom Ford Rolex Watch
Every Man Needs A Rolex

14. The Perfect Sunglasses

Probably one of the most underestimated accessories, the sunglasses can be the cherry on top and complete any outfit!

Alux.com recommends: Tom Ford Franklin Sunglasses in Shiny Black Blue – $196.99

Tom Ford Sunglasses Essential
Thom Browne TB 800 Sunglasses

15. Perfect Teeth

If there’s one turn-off both genders find unappealing is the sight of bad teeth! If you don’t find them, save up and get them fixed!
tom ford prefect teeth smile

These were the essential things Tom Ford thinks every man should do and own in order to become a better man!

The list was inspired by an old and forgotten interview he did back in the day with Vogue, here’s an actual cut-out of the magazine:


For those of you that want to learn more about Tom Ford and why we believe he’s one of the most brilliant men in the Fashion and Style industry, we recommend you check out this Visionary Documentary that will blow your mind when you see how Tom works!

That ends our take on the 15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford story! Hopefully you found it valuable! If you want to, you can shop the Tom Ford Brand here!