10 Evil Villains With Royal Lifestyles

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Evil Villains With Royal Lifestyles And Huge Bankrolls

These characters are the opposite of heroes and their entire lifestyles are characterized by opulence and the finest things in life, that is why these are the most evil villains with royal lifestyles.

Real and not created, these are the ten people in human history that did so much evil, that their entire life was dedicated to create personal wealth in the despite the fact that they are hurting everyone around.

Even though you are used to fictional villains, these evil characters are real and their wealth growth was unimaginable.

So let’s see which are the most evil villains in the world history and how their lifestyles resembled to royalty.

We even took the time to make this video for you guys that goes through each of them in an easier to follow format that you can share with your friends!

10. H. H. Holmes

The first evil villain who made the list of people who lived like kings and didn’t deserve it is H.H. Holmes.

The man is America’s first serial killer who admitted to killing 27 people, just a small part of the 200 he supposedly murdered over the years.

As he came from a prosperous and working family, H.H. Holmes developed a pretty big net worth, most of it made from killing his victims and taking the insurance.

The serial killer made his fortune from all the businesses he had and from the hotel of horror that he built especially for killing people.

With a lavish lifestyle, numerous wives and a big number of shops working for him, Holmes, lived like a royalty for the times he was in, making somewhere around $5 million net worth.

#10 H. H. Holmes | Evil Villains With Royal Lifestyles | Image Source: en.wikipedia.org
#10 H. H. Holmes | Evil Villains With Royal Lifestyles | Image Source: en.wikipedia.org
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