The DogPound Is the Exclusive New York Gym Where All the Famous Celebrities Tone their Bodies

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The Unofficial Gym Of Victoria’s Secret Angles is this Exclusive New York Gym Called DogPound

Have you ever wondered where all the famous people go to work out? We found out all about the New York gym called DogPound, the place where they go.

Celebrities, especially Victoria’s Secret Models love to work out at this gym called DogPound.

The gym, designed for more than just fitness, is the favorite place of many famous celebrities.

The reason why everyone loves to go there, besides that the place is full of hot models, is to look good.

Everyone from Victoria’s Secret Models to singers like Adam Levine loves to go to Dogpound, the elite gym in New York.

If you follow them on social-media you already know about this gym and you’ve seen their selfies.

Gym founders Kirk Myers, Brey Pena and Dawin Pena wanted to have a great place for anyone to work out and feel awesome.

So they created, with the help of devoted client Fabien Baron, the DogPound gym and it seems like everyone is agreeing with their way of doing things.

The interior of the gym, besides tractor tires and swinging upper cuts, features iconic images and the fashion campaigns of Calvin Klein and other fashion brands hanging on the walls.


The founders along with the creative director, Fabien Baron, worked with the team to put their own design and keeping everything on brand.


How did they do it?

In order for the space to be so raw and in the same time looking so cool, Baron kept the place unfinished and painted everything in dark colors as a backdrop.

All the machines are black and without logos to better fit with the décor. There are also floating walls and smoked mirrors.

“With that lighting, the normal mirror will look too contrasty and harsh, and people won’t like looking at themselves,” explains Baron.

“If a mirror is smoked, everyone feels like they look tan, and they see more silhouette, not details.”


Baron was speaking from experience. “What Fabian did was really authentic, because he’s a client,” notes Myers.


“He knows we’re rough but sleek. He wanted everything to fit that, and we like that its a little bit intimidating.”

Would you like to work out among celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Adam Levine?

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