15 Most Expensive Apple Products ever Sold!

21 September 2016

When a group of genius and inventive people got together, these fifteen most expensive Apple products were born.

Apple is one of the most successful and influential IT companies that ever existed. Even if you are not a fan of the brand, you must have heard of Steve Jobs. He was one of the important people behind these expensive Apple products.

Apple is an American multinational corporation with headquarter in Cupertino, California. Its best products are Mac line of computers, iPod music player, iPhone smartphone, and iPad tablet.

Their products’ popularity skyrocketed through the unique design, extraordinary technology innovations, and genius marketing. Even though they are relatively expensive, people still stand in line to get their hands on them.

To take things close to the extreme, some Apple products are now embellished with a wide variety of precious gems, including diamonds. And here, we have ranked fifteen of those exclusive products for you to see. Let’s start the countdown!

15. iDiamond iPod Shuffle ($40,000)

15 Most Expensive Apple Products ever Sold! | #15. iDiamond iPod Shuffle ($40,000)
15 Most Expensive Apple Products ever Sold! | #15. iDiamond iPod Shuffle ($40,000) | source: blogspot.com

We may be starting our list small in terms of size, but the price exceeds. This iPod shuffle is featured with 18K white and pink gold. In addition to that, there are no less than 430 diamonds used to light this gadget up.

As your iPod mostly goes into your pocket, you need more bling-bling to show it off. iDiamond understands that. So, they added 118 extra flawless-cut diamonds encrusted on the headphones.

iDiamond designed this particular iPod shuffle for a special charity auction. It was auctioned at the Feast of Albion in London. Besides this iPod, several other items were auctioned. Among them are a chauffeured Jaguar XJ and some VIP tickets to Roger Waters’s final performance.

One buyer was not interested in driving a supercar or watching another Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. He bid for $40,000 to take home this special iPod instead.

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