Top 15 World’s Most Expensive Buildings

30 August 2016

We ranked fifteen most expensive buildings in the world based on their construction cost!

Have you ever wondered how much did it cost to build those skyscrapers as you passed by them? Prepare yourself to be shocked as you find out more about these expensive buildings.

Why would people put in so much effort and money into building them? Well, real estate business has been one of the main investment sectors which is also one of the most profitable. So they are not building those skyscrapers for nothing.

However, some of them were built not for commercial purpose. For example, the Tokamak Reactor in France owned by ITER is estimated to cost up to $14 billion just to stand up. You will not be seeing that building on our list though, because the construction is still ongoing until 2019.

To make this list fair, we adjusted each building’s construction cost for current inflation. Without further ado, let see what makes each of them so expensive!

15. The Palazzo, USA ($1.8 billion | $2.1 billion today)

Top 15 World's Most Expensive Buildings | #15. The Palazzo, USA ($1.8 billion | $2.1 billion today)
Top 15 World’s Most Expensive Buildings | #15. The Palazzo, USA ($1.8 billion | $2.1 billion today) | source: hotel.gifts

First up, we have The Palazzo of Las Vegas, United States. As soon as you read “Vegas”, your mind goes straight to casino (if not wedding chapel). You got it right. The Palazzo is indeed a casino resort.

It was built in 2007. The construction cost was $1.8 billion or $2.1 billion today. This building has 50 floors and 196-meter height. Designed by HKS Incorporated, it is currently owned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

The Palazzo is not just one of the world’s most expensive buildings, but also the world’s largest hotel according to Guinness Book of World Record.

One of its most popular attractions is the Dal Toro Restaurant. Inside it, there is a car museum which displays exotic automobiles from luxury automakers. If you noticed, The Palazzo also appeared in the Ocean’s Thirteen.

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