Most Expensive Cities To Date In|Top 10

21 July 2014

Most Expensive Cities To Date In |Top 10

When it comes to your loved one you want the best, no matter how much money you spend? Well, in some cities around the world there’s no such thing as a cheap date. We’ll discover the Most Expensive Cities To Date In|Top 10.

You would imagine that a basic night of a simple dinner, 2 movie tickets and a cab ride wouldn’t cost you much. Well, that pretty much depends on where you live.

But I am sure you are dreaming big and you want a far more sophisticated experience, so take a look at the following expensive cities to go out on a date. Plus, a few suggestions on what restaurants and cafes are worth to take your significant other at.

10Auckland, New Zealand

If you’re looking for an intimate or fun evening and the chance to court favor in the heart of your potential beloved, Auckland is a good choice for a first date.  Location isn’t the be all and end all of a winning date – but it certainly helps.

Here are two nice places for a date in Auckland:

French Cafe

One of Auckland’s finest restaurants this is your guaranteed to impress option, if your date is in to such things. Comprising a highly priced French menu, dressed-to-impress top quality staff with a slightly superior attitude and a wine list that would bankrupt some Pacific Island nations, if you’re well flush or just really want to set the bar high, the French Café is the place for you.

Sugar Club

A recent addition to the Auckland gastronomic scene, this 200m high fine dining establishment offers the astonishing views from the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest structure with an amazing cocktail and dessert menu. For a breath taking and memorable first date, Sugar Club will easily give you a night that ends on a high note.

Most Expensive Cities To Date In|Top 10- Auckland, New Zealand
Most Expensive Cities To Date In|Top 10- Auckland, New Zealand
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