Most Expensive Electric Bikes | Top 10

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Most Expensive Electric Bikes | Top 10

Do you know which are the most expensive electric bikes? You already know #1, because we already talked about it on one of our articles.

Electric bikes have been more used lately.
And if you think about the environment and money isn’t a problem for you, these 10 e-bikes are the solution. And a Toyota Prius.

This new category of bikes comes in a wide range of prices and e-bike varieties. You just have to choose the one that suits you best!

Let’g get straight to business!

102012 Empulse R – $19.000

We start our top 10 list with this beauty, designed by the American Electric vehicle manufacturer, Brammo. And guess what? Jay Leno has one in his garage.

The 2012 Empulse R has an aluminum, Italian made frame and is available in ‘True Blood Red’, ‘White Noise’ and ‘Eclipsed Black’.

The e-bike features  2 ranges, a city range of 121 miles and a highway range of 56 miles, as well as a normal and sport mode, the last one allowing for acceleration and top speed.

Price: $19.000

Most Expensive Electric Bikes  Top 10 10. 2012 Empulse R - $19.000
Most Expensive Electric Bikes Top 10 10. 2012 Empulse R – $19.000
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