10 Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises

30 April 2015

Expensive Fast Food Franchises For A Big Wallet

The fast food business is a diversified world where the population has a big variety of choices and today we are talking about the ten most expensive fast food franchises.

Eating healthy is a world problem that most of the modern population faces and some of the next ten fast food places are saying that they help people stay in shape while they deliver your food fast.

The fast food brands started making their products from healthier ingredients, but with the rise of their costs, just to please a new order of people who want to eat healthy.

So this is basically an encouragement for the people to eat natural and fresh, while they respect their food with a higher price.

Lets see which are the most expensive fast food franchises to eat and what’s on the menu.

10. Wendy’s

Number 10 in the list of most expensive fast food franchises is Wendy’s a bigger venue that is in direct competition with the more famous McDonald and Burger King.

The name and mascot are made after the daughter of the restaurant founder and still keep the same appearance today.

Founded in 1969, the bigger venue has many locations across the world, but most of them are situated in America.

Competing with other two rivals in the burger market, Wendy’s has a menu a little bit more expensive than the other burgers on the market.

So if you want to eat a burger at Wendy’s in one of its 6,500 locations, you will have to pay 7$ for The Baconator a cheese and bacon delight.

#10 Wendy's | Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises | Image Source: businesswire.com
#10 Wendy’s | Most Expensive Fast Food Franchises | Image Source: businesswire.com
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