Most Expensive Female Escorts

30 April 2014

Most Expensive Female Escorts

Do you wonder what luxury is when it comes to sensuality? Who are the women for whom a man would pay a lot more than some people earn in a month? Let’s get to know the Most Expensive Female Escorts.

 California, Cannes or any city in the world where you can throw a great party has its own collection of luxury escorts. Many rich guys choose to make their appearance next to one of these high priced escorts.

But what makes them so interesting so that they are willing to pay so much money?

Is it their open mind, the mysterious atmosphere they create, their great bodies?

Let’s find out together the stories of the Most Expensive Female Escorts in the world:

6Ms.Maya Blue: $4,500/Night

Ms. Maya Blue currently lives in San Francisco, California and they say that she is a candid and warm woman.

But she’s also the kind of woman that creates a stir wherever she goes.

She likes to point out that she doesn’t consider being an escort as a job, that she loves what she’s doing, her drives are real and it shows.

It is obvious what gentlemen like about her, no matter if it’s her warm personality or her irresistible hourglass body.

Most Expensive Female Escorts | 5. Ms.Maya Blue: $4,500/Night
Most Expensive Female Escorts | 5. Ms.Maya Blue: $4,500/Night

This is how she describes herself:

“I have a side of me that is cuddly, intimate, down to earth and sensual. I also have a more intense side that can be brought out to play, if you enjoy a more heated atmosphere.”

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