Most Expensive Football Transfers

11 April 2014

Most Expensive Football Transfers

Do you want to know which the most expensive football players are? Whose skills made football clubs around the world put lots of money on the table?

Let’s discover the Most Expensive Football Transfers ever made and the stories behind them.

Several expensive football transfers took place just last year and dominated headlines for a while. So, I thought it is time for a recap of the most expensive ones ever made.

Opinions are divided. Some fans think that clubs overpaid for certain players, while others believe they got a nice deal.

Take a look at the situations, at what players and clubs have to say about these moves and form your own opinion:

5. Edinson Cavani: Napoli to Paris St-Germain – £55.6 million

Most Expensive Football Transfers-Edinson-Cavani-£55.6 million
Most Expensive Football Transfers-Edinson-Cavani-£55.6 million

In 2013, when Paris St-Germain signed the Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani, they have broken the transfer record in the French league.

At that point, he was the top scorer in the Italian league, with 29 goals. He also led his former team, Napoli to the Italian Cup title in 2012 and to a runner-up finish in Serie A in 2013.

So, he joined the French league side on a five-year contract for a fee believed to be around £55.6 million.

These were the thoughts of PSG’s president, Nasser al-Khelaifi, regarding the transfer:

“The arrival of Edinson Cavani demonstrates the ability of the club to attract the best players in the world.”

4. Kaka: AC Milan to Real Madrid – £56 million

Most Expensive Football Transfers-Kaka-£56 million
Most Expensive Football Transfers-Kaka-£56 million

In 2009, Milan and Real Madrid confirmed Kaká has moved to the Bernabeu on a six-year deal.

They say that the reason behind this move was economical. However, Milan showed their appreciation for the midfielder player, by saying: “His loss on the field, though serious, can be filled. It will, however, be very difficult to fill the void left by Kaka the man.”

This is how Kaka explains his agreement on the transfer:

“He (Perez) is trying to buy other players, and I think he can make a very offensive team. That’s behind my decision to go to this team.”

However, in 2013 Kaka returned to Milan and was given the number 22 shirt, the same number he wore for Milan during his first spell.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Inter Milan to Barcelona – £59 million

Most Expensive Football Transfers-Zlatan Ibrahimovic-£59 million
Most Expensive Football Transfers-Zlatan Ibrahimovic-£59 million

Ibrahimovic left Inter Milan during their United States summer tour in the World Football Challenge on 23 July 2009 for negotiations with Barcelona, with his last match for Inter Milan being against Chelsea.

He signed a 5-year contract, in exchange for Samuel Eto’o, plus a fee of £59 million. It looks like playing for Barcelona was one of his dreams.

This is what he said when the deal was made:

“I made an agreement with the president of Inter that the only club they could sell me to was Barcelona. The others could ask but they wouldn’t get a reply. The only one I answered was Barca. That gives me a special feeling.”

2. Christiano Ronaldo: Manchester United to Real Madrid – £80 million

Most Expensive Football Transfers-Cristiano Ronaldo- £80 million
Most Expensive Football Transfers-Cristiano Ronaldo- £80 million

In 2009, when Real Madrid made an offer of £80 million for Ronaldo, he became the world’s most expensive football player in history. Now Ronaldo is occupying the 2nd place in our top, but at that time he was #1.

Although it was revealed that he had repeatedly expressed his desire to leave the club, when he did left, he shared his gratitude towards Ferguson for helping him develop as a player, saying:

“He (Ferguson) has been my father in sport, one of the most important factors and most influential in my career.”

1. Gareth Bale: Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid – £86million

Most Expensive Football Transfers-Gareth-Bale-£86million
Most Expensive Football Transfers-Gareth-Bale-£86million

In 2013, Read Madrid announced signing a six-year deal with Gareth for an undisclosed fee.

While some sources, as the Spanish press are saying that he had cost £77 million, other sources are talking about £86million, what would make it a world record transfer fee.

However, it is generally accepted that the fee paid for his transfer was above Cristiano Ronaldo’s fee.

When he left Tottenham Hotspur he made it clear that he felt it was the right time to say goodbye, thanked his “fantastic fans” and added:

“I know many players talk of their desire to join the club of their boyhood dreams but I can honestly say this is my dream come true.”

Now, I want to hear it from you. Do you think they have proved to be worth the money? Or maybe even more? You might also enjoy Retired Athletes Who Are Still Making Millions.