Most Expensive Hair Accessories

26 March 2014

Most Expensive Hair Accessories

Forget about hairstyles, what could you do to your hair to make it look like a million dollars? You could wear some of the Most Expensive Hair Accessories.

It is amazing how an accessory can change any look, but those that I am about to show you are so precious and beautiful that would not only change, but completely transform any look.

Hair combs, tiaras and crowns that only a royalty from distant times would be seen wearing.

Here are the most luxurious, elegant and talked about hair accessories ever. These are the most expensive hair accessories in the world:

5. Natalie K Diamonds – Hair Comb: $1,000,000Most Expensive Hair Accessories

This very beautiful hair comb is nothing but usual.  When it was made, Natalie K Diamonds used gemstones from Africa, Israel, Russia which are considered to be among the most precious in the world.

It was worn by Kimora Lee Simmons, former fashion model, on the red carpet and she really caught everyone’s attention by wearing this accessory.

The designer that worked with Natalie K Diamonds on this piece was Roger Neal and he succeeded to make the most expensive hair accessory ever worn on the red carpet.

4. Miss Russia 2010 Crown: Over $1,000,000Most Expensive Hair Accessories

Irina Antonenko, Miss Russia 2010 wore the most expensive crown worn in a beauty pageant.

It was made by jewelry house Jewellery Theatre and made of white gold, 750 carats at its decoration took 2,358 diamonds weighing 62 carats and 14 rare pearls.

It was impressive and beautiful and they say that people remember more about the crown than they do about the show itself. Miss Irina Antonenko was lucky indeed.

 3. Emerald and Diamond Tiara:  $12.7 millionMost Expensive Hair Accessories

This amazing tiara was a gift for German Prince Guido Henckel von Domersmarck’s second wife, Katherine.

If that was not enough to understand why it costs s much, it has 11 polished pear-shaped emeralds that total approximately 500 carats and rumor has it that is was has been owned by the wife of Napoleon III of France.

2. Yellow-Diamond Tiara: $335 MillionMost Expensive Hair Accessories

A tiara and a bracelet. This beautiful piece serves dual purposes. In a feat of Tiffany craftsmanship, this period-style tiara can be removed from the platinum base to create a bracelet.

If you find yellow diamonds unusual, find out that Tiffany used them because they represent the Sun and they were “once reserved for queens and maharajahs”.

If you want to feel like a royal person from distant times, this is what you need.

1. Lawrence Graff’s Diamond-encrusted Hair: $500 MillionMost Expensive Hair Accessories

The most expensive is the most interesting too. In 1970, Lawrence Graff created Hair & Jewel, an ornate coiffure comprising one million dollars of diamonds and precious gems.

The story continues to our days, so when Graff’s 60th year as a jeweler came, he decided to replicate the original look.

Using 22 pieces of jewelry and extremely brilliant diamonds, the look creates a contemporary image of the Parisian Marie Antoinette style and the one wearing it would make an impression that would last at least another 60 years.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and tell me, which one would you buy if you had the money?