Top 15 Most Expensive Jet Skis in the World

16 July 2016

How much money are you willing to spend for a jet ski? These most expensive jet skis may surprise you!

Nowadays, jet ski has become a luxurious hobby for many people. Whether it is because of their love towards the sport itself or the fact that they just fancy fast vehicles, spending a buck load of money to buy some expensive jet skis is not a big deal to them.

Riding a jet ski gives that adrenaline rush. It is similar to driving a fast car, but even better because unlike a car on the road, a jet ski has a limitless track: the ocean.

Plus, a jet ski is good for transportation. You can get to your destination fast. With style. Who doesn’t like that idea?

So, we picked up fifteen most expensive jet skis in the world which are available for public purchase. If you are interested, you can consider getting one of these awesome vehicles. Let’s start the countdown!

15. Yamaha FZR/FZS ($14,799)

Top 15 Most Expensive Jet Skis in the World | #15. Yamaha FZR/FZS ($14,799)
Top 15 Most Expensive Jet Skis in the World | #15. Yamaha FZR/FZS ($14,799) | source: yamaha-motor.eu

We begin with Yamaha FZR and Yamaha FZS. These are two different models from the Japanese manufacturer. Both are bundled with $14,799 price.

Both Yamaha FZR and Yamaha FZS are race-ready watercraft. They are equipped with 1,812 cc supercharged 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, Super Vortex high output Yamaha marine engine. That is the beast of racing engine.

The two models also feature carbon fiber visor, quick-shift trim system, and telescopic steering. The differences between the two are the seat, color choices, and weight.

The FZR models are two-seater. They are available in pure white-torch red metallic color. And they weigh around 350 kg each.

In the other hand, the FZS models are three-seater. They are available in pure white-electric green and blue metallic-pure white color. And they weigh around 360 kg each.

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