How Rich is Donald Trump? Here are His Most Expensive Properties

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Even before becoming the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been known world-wide as one of the world’s billionaires.

The story behind Donald Trump’s success is actually lies within his parents. In 1923, Fred and Elizabeth Trump founded an international conglomerate which is known as The Trump Organization nowadays. Donald Trump inherits this money-making machine.

Now, the company is owned solely by Donald Trump. It focuses mostly in the real estate development business. It has been running for 93 years. So, you can imagine how many properties built and owned by it.

There are many buildings in this world with a Trump-stamp on them. However, not all of them are actually owned by him and his company. Some of them were built and are owned by other company but under Trump’s license and or advice.

We picked up fifteen properties which are or were owned by Donald Trump. Let’s figure out, how many luxurious properties this $4.5 billion man owns.

15. His Estate in Beverly Hills (Value: $10 million)

Top 15 Most Expensive Properties Owned by Donald Trump | #15. His Estate in Beverly Hills (Value: $10 million)
Top 15 Most Expensive Properties Owned by Donald Trump | #15. His Estate in Beverly Hills (Value: $10 million) | source:

This 10,442-square-feet Colonial mansion is pretty much neglected by Donald Trump. Despite being located in Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills, Trump prefers to stay at hotels whenever he is in town.

It should come as no surprise that the exclusive man chooses expensive amenities along with the amenable concierges and pampering staffs over a house regardless how luxurious it is.

This mansion is located just a few blocks away from where the Hollywood buzz is happening, or as they call it the West Coast cocktail circuit. With such value, it has been on a market for quite some times. Mostly for rent.

Should Donald Trump be elected as the next U.S. President, this mansion will probably stay on the market for sale. And the value may become more than $10 million.

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