Most Expensive Psychic Mediums In The World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Psychic Mediums In The World

Ever wondered how much someone would pay for a session with a person that has paranormal abilities? These are the Most Expensive Psychic Mediums In The World | Top 10.

Being a medium is most of the time being treated as a joke, but somehow there are some people that really seem to be trusted by lots of persons. And you will be amazed to know that many of their clients are celebrities and politicians.

Who wouldn’t like to know how their future is going to be?

It looks like if you are able to make happen communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings, you will make quite a fortune.

Here are the people that are trusted to be able to do that:

10Carrie Carter: $150/Session

A life coach, channeler and medium, Carrie Carter first became aware of her gift at the age of five.

Thuis includes intense abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy and healing. With the help of these abilities she helped others heal from grief, as she channels messages from their deceased loved ones and angels, she guided people to a more peaceful and enlightened life

You can also participated at her educational seminars, workshops, personal and confidential channeled spiritual readings, and private life coaching.

You may have seen her at the Kelly and Company Morning Show on ABC Channel 7 or on FOX News Channel 12 about Psychics.

If you want to take a look at ther work, you will be happy to know that she has wrote bestsellers like Secret Desserts of Life, Think Your Wayt to Riches Kids Style, Think Your Way to Riches Family Style.

Most Expensive Psychic Mediums In The World Top 10 - 10. Carrie Carter
Most Expensive Psychic Mediums In The World Top 10 – 10. Carrie Carter
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