Most Expensive Ramen in the World

6 December 2016

How much do you think a bowl of expensive ramen costs?

Let’s find out more about the most expensive ramen!

For most of us, Ramen is just Japanese noodles. For common people, it is just street food quality you eat during lunch break or as midnight snack in your dormitory room. It is just the same with a block of instant noodles.

These are common mistakes people make about Ramen. However, those people don’t get all the blame. It is also because some manufacturers produce Ramen as instant block of noodles.

What most of us don’t know is the fact that Ramen noodles are very different with the instant ones. The main difference is the texture of the noodles itself. They are bigger, softer, and do not absorb water as much or as quickly. That is why it takes longer to cook and it remains chewy (in a good way) until your last sip.

Ramen is Japanese national comfort food. After all these years, Japanese people put real thought on a bowl of Ramen. The noodles, the broth, the toppings, and other ingredients in it.

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N1- $180 per Bowl in Manhattan, New York

The most expensive ramen in the world is priced at $180 per bowl.

Japanese iron Chef Yuji Wakiya is serving his clients at his Manhattan restaurant KOA, a pretty exclusive noodles-in-broth for $180 each bowl.

To be able to price the ramen at $180 per bowl, the ingredients must be absolutely great, so he only uses pretty high quality meat, known as Japanese Kobe Wagyu (Kobe beef) steaks.

Most Expensive Ramen
Most Expensive Ramen

The meats are imported from Japan and grilled-to-order on Binchotan (white charcoal) grills, and then it is topped with truffles and 24 carat gold leaf and Shantan broth.

The Shantan broth is not your average shop bought stock, it is made from a pork, chicken, dried shrimp, dried scallop and dried Konby seaweed mix.

The dish also includes seasonal white and green asparagus.

KOA’s ramen is affordable as a one-time luxury, but it’s still managed to take Chef Shoichi Fujimaki’s place, which previously held the title of most expensive ramen at $110 a bowl.

N2- $110 per Bowl in Fujimaki Gekijyo, Tokyo

As one of the most popular ramen restaurant in Tokyo, Fujimaki Gekijyo has been giving ultra-luxury treatment into its signature expensive ramen.

Bundled with 110 US dollar price, this ramen is the second most expensive Ramen served in a restaurant. Usually, a bowl of Ramen costs 10 US dollar at most everywhere in Japan. And only about 30 US dollars at most for extra toppings.

source: livedoor.blogimg.jp
source: livedoor.blogimg.jp

Tokyo’s Fujimaki Gekijyo Ramen needs at least three days to prepare. There are more than twenty ingredients, including high quality meats and vegetables, used to make this special Ramen. Those ingredients elevated the street comfort food into fine cuisine.

The taste of the ramen is inspired by Thailand’s Tom Yum soup. It is fresh and spicy yet comforting. It is twenty-five years of experience of the restaurant owner, Shoichi Fujimaki, poured into one bowl.

If you happen to be nearby these restaurants, get a taste of these luxurious dishes and tell us what you think!

Do you like ramen? Do you love it so much that you will pay 180 US dollar for a bowl of ramen? If you have any experience about eating Ramen, please share with us on the comment section!