10 of the Expensive Rapper Mansions

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10 of the Expensive Rapper Mansions

Curious how expensive are the mansions of the rappers? If you are, then proceed and read the next information.

We did talk about how rich they are and how well they dress but never talked about the homes they live in.

We know that  rap music is a good industry and if you are good at it, you can win big. Well, these famous rappers gained a lot and allowed themselves to have the homes of their dreams.

Their homes are everybody’s dream because they wanted to let the world know about their level of success.

In this top we gathered only the most expensive homes owned by rappers, but not all the rapper’s mansions made the cut, for example Eminem’s. His net worth is estimated at $140 million but his home wasn’t as expensive as the ones presented in the top.

Take a look at these expensive rappers mansions!

10. Pharrell Williams: $7.4 million

The rapper spent $7.4 million for a contemporary-styled house in Los Angeles.

The ‘Happy’ performer bought the 4,415 square feet that he can enjoy in peace. The 1.55-acre gated property on Laurel Canyon has two structures.

The house that has glass walls has five bedrooms and the two-story guest house features one bedroom.

Designed by L.A. based architect Hagy Belzberg, the hillside house features expansive use of glass walls and sliding doors between the rooms.

10 of the Expensive Rapper Mansions
10 of the Expensive Rapper Mansions
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