10 of the Expensive Rapper Mansions

12 June 2015

8. Lil Wayne: $14 million

Wayne first wrote a rap song at age of 8 and started performing since he was 14 and attaining worldwide success has allowed him to buy the home of his dreams.

He spent $14 million on a house on a private island in the Miami area with 15,000 square foot of space; the house has 3 levels and an amazing exterior.

The amazing thing about this manor is the skate park located on the top, who doesn’t want to skate on the top of a three stories home?

Tragically, Lil Wayne’s late fiscal burdens have constrained him to put the property available, for about $1 million less than what he paid. Obviously the $14 million dollar cost will guarantee a speedy deal! Want to buy Lil Wayne’s home?

10 of the Expensive Rapper Mansions  N Lil Wayne
10 of the Expensive Rapper Mansions N7 Lil Wayne
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