15 Most Expensive Signed Merchandise Pieces in the World

3 June 2016

These are the top 15 most expensive signed merchandise to ever hit the auction room

There’s something about a famous person’s signature (or better yet, a dead famous person’s signature) that makes something so much more valuable, so it made sense to take a look at the top 15 most expensive signed merchandise ever sold.

These 15 incredible items demonstrate how much people will actually pay to get their hands on a piece of history.

From sports memorabilia to the last signatures of great figures before they died, these items have all sold for astronomical amounts at auction.

Some people buy vintage cars and some people invest in property, but these buyers are specialist collectors and billionaires with nothing better to do, it seems.

Let’s take a look at these 15 most expensive signed merchandise:

15. JFK’s Final Autograph – Sold for: $39,000

JFK newspaper signature most expensive signed merchandise
Dallas Morning News from 1963 with JFK’s signature via rarenewspapers.com

This copy of the Dallas Morning News from November 22nd, 1963 is reportedly the last autograph JFK ever gave, because he was shot dead two hours later.

This makes it both very chilling and very valuable – it sold for nearly $40,000 and was bought in 2009 by Joe Maddalena, a Hollywood auctioneer who specialises in historical autographs.

Maddalena insured it for $250,000 as soon as he received it, according to CNN, and displays it with his other JFK items.

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