Most Expensive Soup Sold at Auction

17 March 2016

The most expensive soup was sold at $5,800!

Yes, you read it right. You need 5,800 US dollar for just a bowl of soup. If it doesn’t make it the most expensive soup in the world ever auctioned, and then what is? Relax. It is not made from rare dinosaur egg. There is no gold or diamond in it (or is it?). This soup was sold at such price for an auction.

If you are into sweet, sour, and spicy food, you would love Vietnamese food. One of its signature is the fresh mix vegetables in a dish. AnQi Pho is one of the most delicious Vietnamese foods. It has been the Vietnamese national pride. This dish consists of noodles, assorted beef, served in steaming broth. Sounds like any other noodles soup? Here is what makes this expensive soup different.

expensive soup
source: pinterest.com

With this bowl of 5,800 US dollar AnQi Pho soup, your tongue will be spoiled by long thin strands of noodles. They are so soft and slippery that you don’t have to chew them. However, you might want to chew them to taste them better because they are made from rare blue lobster meat. On top of that, the assorted beef are made from high quality (A5) Wagyu beef which takes days to prepare. Not to mention the tasty Vietnamese foie gras broth. All together in one bowl mixed with white alba truffles. Don’t tell me that didn’t make your mouth water!

source: gourmetfoodstore.com
source: gourmetfoodstore.com

The AnQi Pho was auctioned at the Bash Benefactor Dinner. It was a charity auction event held in 2011. Beside this expensive soup, the event has sold many expensive foods during the charity auctioned. Among many dishes and commodities, there were caviars (sold at 25,000 US dollar) and white truffle (sold at 4,000 Euro per kilogram).

The money gained from AnQi Pho soup auction went to the benefit of the Children’s Hospitals of Los Angeles and Orange County as well as the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Good food for good purpose. It makes both our heart and our stomach full!

If you want to taste this gastronomic luxury of Vietnamese food, you can visit Tiato, a Vietnamese café. The AnQi Pho will be on the permanent menu at the Crustacean for the benefit of the Children’s Hospital.

Share your thoughts on this dish. Will you try it because you like Vietnamese food in general? Or you just want to see what makes this one so special? Let’s discuss on the comment section!