The World’s Most Expensive Soup

17 March 2016

How expensive a bowl of soup could be? Take a look at the most expensive soup in the world!

Usually, you will find soup in the side dish section of restaurant menu. The price will not exceed the main courses’ price. Not even close. However, some restaurants serve expensive soup. So expensive that you would wonder, “What’s in it?”

It is not surprising to pay a lot of money for signature dishes of Michelin Star Chefs. But you will be surprised to see how these daily meals can cost you.

These soups have unique and rare ingredients which you won’t find in canned soups you find in your fridge. Want to see what are those? Here we go.

Expensive Soups
source: bookatable.co.uk

Let’s take a look the most expensive soup in the world according to Guinness Book of World Record: the Buddha Jumps over the Wall soup.

The name Buddha Jumps over the Wall came from the fact that the Buddha was a vegetarian. In order to get this tasty dish, the Buddha had to sneak out of the monastery by jumping the wall. Of course, it is just an analogy. You don’t think the Buddha really jumped over the wall for a bowl of soup, do you?

The soup itself is not vegetarian at all. It consists of expensive ingredients. Shark fin, abalone, scallops, quail eggs, ginseng, and even gold. All the things make it one of the most expensive soup in the world. All you can get in one bowl.

Yep, Chinese people love gold as the symbol of prosperity. They put gold in most of things, including food. Even the shape of dumplings is inspired by the shape of Chinese ancient bar of gold. So, when you eat dumplings, it is as if you pile gold inside your body (and for this soup, it is literally).

This is a famous traditional Chinese dish. It takes at least two days to prepare the soup. For this particular soup served in Kai restaurant, it takes at least five days’ notice to prepare! That is a lot of preparation to do by the head chef, Alex Chow.

source: postaduk.com
source: postaduk.com

Buddha Jumps over the Wall soup served in Kai restaurant is bundled with approximately 215 US dollar price per bowl. If you want to get one of this, come to Mayfair area in London. The restaurant used to be known as Mr. Kai. It is owned by former barrister, Bernard Yeoh. He was also an Olympic trap shooter in 2004.

Have you eaten a bowl of soup that is as expensive as or even more expensive than this soup? Perhaps, a fine dining experience of soup? Please share us your experience on the comment section!