Most Expensive Submarines in the World

26 October 2014

These are the 5 Most Expensive Submarines

Yachts are cool, but how would you feel if you had your own submarine? We are about to take a look at the 5 most expensive submarines out there!

So once you have you’re own jet, yacht, penthouse, what are you looking to buy next?

It looks like submarines are the ultimate billionaire toy. There is not enough anymore to be sailing in a luxury yacht on the surface of the water.

Now, you need to go underwater and explore the ocean. And all that from your own comfortable submarine.

From all of the submarines built for the rich, these are the Most Expensive Submarines in the world:

5. Proteus – $8 million

Most Expensive Submarines - Proteus - $8 million
Most Expensive Submarines – Proteus – $8 million

Herve Jaubert, from Exomos, created Proteus, a fully submersible yacht capable of delivering the ultimate in underwater luxury. It is a yacht that can dive underwater and integrates an unconventional dry cabin.

It is configured to seat up to 16 divers on the deck, who can submerge with the vessel and can seat 8 people inside the dry cabin for a spectacular viewing.

So, if you are thinking about buying a yacht, why not try a yacht that can be transformed into a submarine?

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