Top 15 Most Expensive Summer Destinations

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Here are fifteen most expensive summer destinations in the world to splurge your money at!

Traveling to beautiful places around the world? Many people have done that. What about traveling to these expensive summer destinations? Many people have it on their bucket list. Including us!

It is never too early to plan a trip, and we will give you a helping hand.

These fifteen country destinations are ranked based on the average cost on a full day high-end summer experience. Among the costs are accommodation, food, and local transportation.

We also have several recommended spots and things to do while you are there. You will be drawn to your summer itinerary soon after you finish reading this!

So, let’s start the countdown!

15. Madagascar ($263 per day)

Top 15 Most Expensive Summer Destinations | #15. Madagascar ($255 per day)
Top 15 Most Expensive Summer Destinations | #15. Madagascar ($255 per day) | source:

If you think Madagascar is just another Africa, you are dead wrong. This country is isolated from the mainland, hence its diversity of flora and fauna. Here, you can see many of them which you cannot found elsewhere.

And if you think safari trip cannot be luxurious, you are also wrong. Plus, it is not all about tropical heat. The land’s elevations vary significantly. Thus, the climate also varies from one part to another. It all depends on what kind of weather you prefer.

Tsingy de Bemahara is one of the most popular places for you to visit in Madagascar. This largest reserve on the island is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Enjoying summer sunset is best to do in Avenue of the Baobabs. Just take a look at the photograph above!

Here are some average high-end vacation costs per day in Madagascar:

  • Accommodation: $150
  • Food: $80
  • Local Transportation: $30

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