Expensive Things Beyonce Owns

3 November 2014

9- Tacori Promise Bracelet – $2,390

This year, Jay-Z gave his wife a “promise” Tacori bracelet. She is definitely a lucky lady. Hell, I’d consider myself lucky if I had a husband like Jay-Z.

It is obvious that the rapper chose sentimental value over expensive and spent almost $3,000 for a gold bracelet.

But this jewelry is one of the most expensive gifts he ever gave to her as a symbol of his love.

Known as “The Promise”, the fancy jewelry is made of silver with gold accents and it feature a lock that can only be opened by a heart shaped key.

The name of the bracelet wasn’t given in vain; the bracelet signifies the promise made between two people.


Expensive Things Beyonce Owns
Expensive Things Beyonce Owns

source: tacori.com

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