Expensive Things You Will Never Need | Top 10

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Expensive Things You Will Never Need | Top 10

Here at EALUXE we talk about expensive all the time but when it comes to ridiculous we are even more prepared so here is a Top 10 of Expensive Things You Will Never Need. 

We don’t know if these items were produced just for the sake of making something incredibly expensive or if they will come of use for someone in the near future.

In most cases we do not pay for the quality of a product but for the brand. We often buy stuff because of their appearance and not because of their quality.

Some of the items we will be talking about today combine that quality and brand to make excruciatingly expensive objects for which normally, no one would pay this amount of cash.

This time, the objects will not be ordered by their price but by their uselessness.

Without further ado, let’s start our top about Expensive Things You Will Never Need!

10.Expensive Parking Spot-$225,000

You all know that moment when you are desperately looking for a parking spot. But would you go as far as to spend $225,000 on a parking spot?

ABC.com reports: “…in space-starved Manhattan,a parking space is considered prime real estate.There’s actually a waiting list for the $225,000 spot.”

Not only are people making waiting lists for expensive parking spots but they are buying them as investments to flip.

With this amount of cash you better forget about the parking spot and buy yourself a brand new Ferrari!


10.Expensive Parking Spot | Expensive Things You Will Never Need | Top 10
10.Expensive Parking Spot | Expensive Things You Will Never Need | Top 10

That much for a purse?! #9!->

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