Most Luxurious Graves in the World

21 July 2016

Even since centuries ago, people have spent a lot of efforts to build a tomb. These expensive tombs are the proofs.

Where do we go after we die? Will our soul carry on as another form of energy? Or will it die along with our body? Either way, some people are willing to give more than they should in building these expensive tombs to hold the remains of the departed.

Some people do so because of the belief that those spirits carry on and live a different life yet similar to the one they left. Thus, luxurious tombs are built to equip them on their next life.

In the other hand, those who belief otherwise, built such tombs mostly to honor the life of the departed. From expensive tombstone to luxurious mausoleum, all are built to commemorate their life’s greatness.

We picked fifteen most expensive tombs people built since centuries ago. Some of them are even from the prehistoric era. There may be some other tombs that should be on this list, but we omit them due to lack of supporting proofs.

Let’s start the countdown!

15. Mao Zedong’s Crystal Coffin (Estimated Cost: $500,000)

15 Most Expensive Tombs Ever Made in History | #15. Mao Zedong's Crystal Coffin (Estimated Cost: $500,000)
15 Most Expensive Tombs Ever Made in History | #15. Mao Zedong’s Crystal Coffin (Estimated Cost: $500,000) | source: cnn.com

Mao Zedong was a Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. He died in 1945 still serving as one. Soon after his death, the country built a mausoleum for his final resting place. His body was embalmed to preserve in spite of his wish to be cremated.

His body now is displayed in a mausoleum in the middle of Tienanmen Square, Beijing. The country claimed that it is indeed his preserved body. However, some people think it is just his wax sculpture.

You can go to China and find the answer yourself because the mausoleum is open for public. In fact, his body can be seen up close and clearly. He was not laid in an open casket. The casket is closed but it is made of clear crystal.

The making of this casket itself took a lot of effort. In fact, the developing project was distributed all over China back then. The design of the 608th factory was chosen after surviving several environmental tests. This crystal coffin and its surrounding only were estimated to take up to $500,000 in its process of making.

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