10 Most Expensive Toys For Adults with Cash To Spare

2 April 2015

Most Inventive and Expensive Toys For Adults

Grown ups are supposed to have a dull life, but with these expensive toys for adults, the big boys and girls can have fun in a different way.

For those who still have spare time to do certain activities and consider getting a hobby or practicing a sport, expensive toys for adults were created, a list of gadgets and things which are the base of fun.

For big bucks, there were created a couple of gadget or items that their only purpose is to entertain the grownup in every one of you, making you want to buy these expensive leisure items.

So not only that the adult life is no more boring but, also growing up means that you can play with different toys, bigger badder and definitely more expensive.

Let’s see what are these toys about and what can they do, besides entertain the little kid inside you.

In the following we will discover some of our childhood ideas come true, a list of big boys toys that were brought to grown-up size and make you empty your pockets to own them.

10. The Gotham Golf Cart

For the Batman lovers, we have on the list of the most expensive toys for adults a unique, custom made golf cart inspired from the Batman movies.

Called the Gotham Golf Cart, this cart was built to be a mini replica of the Dark Knight Movies bat mobile, imitating the shape and design of the “Tumbler”, the car driven by the hero.

With a whooping price of $35,000, the ride is a toy for the rich who want to custom their golfing days with a ride in a modified super-golf cart.

When we said it was a replica of the actual movie vehicle, the cart has some awesome features, that will make you think you are the batman of golfing.

With protective body armor for the occupants, specially designed wheels to go through sand holes and mini ponds and a top speed of 60 km per hour, we think that for sure those who actually buy this cart will use it also for rides on their big estates not only for golfing.

#10 Gotham Golf Cart | Most Expensive Toys For Adults | Image Source: hammacher.com
#10 Gotham Golf Cart | Most Expensive Toys For Adults | Image Source: hammacher.com
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