Most Expensive Trainers In NYC

14 March 2014

Most Expensive Trainers In NYC

Let’s find out which are Most Expensive Trainers In NYC!

I agree that sport is something that has to start from YOU, to be an inner wish, but sometimes it’s good to receive the advices of a specialist. And if you are going to do that, choose from the best ones. Here are the most expensive trainers you will find in NY, the city where supermodels work out.

Lacey Stone – $200 per sessionMost Expensive Trainers In NYC

She believes that “Strong is sexy” and her work is based on the motto of “passion, patience, persistence.” She is extremely positive and she likes to keeps close to clients on Twitter and Facebook, where she gets a lot of appreciation. She is the creator of BootyCamp, exceedingly popular (former) Equinox trainer and is now launching her own fitness method and a TV career

Justin Gelband – $250 per sessionMost Expensive Trainers In NYC

 ” Every body is different, so when I create a program, I look at the individual and create the routine based on their needs, wants, goals, and objectives”, says Gelband.

Many supermodel bodies are a result of his philosophy. He had clients like Miranda Kerr and Irina Shayk, but he believes that his program, ModelFIT, would work for anyone, not just supermodels. So, he offers $50-60 small-group classes, taught by his staff trainers or himself, to prove it. That’s your chance to try his functional training that emphasizes core strength, balance, and stability by incorporating elements of Pilates, martial arts, and other disciplines. Bands and balls play a starring role.

Joe Dowdell –  $300 per sessionMost Expensive Trainers In NYC

He has worked with Olympians, martial arts fighters, supermodels, and super moms, resulting in more than 17 years of fitness expertise with training techniques that have been tried and proved. He is also the founder of Peak Performance, a 10,000 square-foot Flatiron loft that was voted as the No. 3 Gym in America by Men’s Health.

If you still have doubts, try reading his book Ultimate You: A 4-Phase Total Body Makeover with co-author Brooke Kalanick.

Terri Walsh –  $300 per sessionMost Expensive Trainers In NYC

 “There’s no bad movement, just bad technique. People look better when they can move better”, says Terri.

She trains world-famous fashion designers and “european socialites with billionaire husbands.” Her program is called Active Resistance Training, which is based on four points of resistance in your body. What’s more, she customizes workouts based on a client’s favorite activities, be it dance, tennis, or skiing, so you will never get bored with Terri. You can enjoy the intimacy of a house call for a $100 extra and fell like a Hollywood star.

David Kirsch – $500 per sessionMost Expensive Trainers In NYC

David’s purpose is to give you both “sound mind” and “sound body” and he is Heidi Klum’s favorite trainer ever. Also, he is behind the bodies of countless Victoria’s SecretSports Illustrated, and Playboy models. And for his work has been called the “Master of the Ass.” His approach is simple and direct, he’ll address your lifestyle while seriously kicking your butt.

I hope you liked reading this article and that it got you down to your exercise mat. Also, check out Most Expensive Gyms In The World.