Most Expensive Wallet: Dunhill Biometric Wallet

28 March 2014

Most Expensive Wallet: Dunhill Biometric Wallet

I bet you have never imagined how luxurious and what things the Most Expensive Wallet in the World can do!

The wallet is a very important accessory for a man and says a lot about his personality. Plus, some of them really look elegant and are a great piece to have.

But having a nice black leather wallet is not enough anymore. Dunhill had a great idea and created The Biometric Wallet that blends style and technology.

I know technology is not something that would cross your mind when you thing about a wallet, but it comes in handy when you think how nasty it would be to have your wallet stolen.

To this problem, Dunhill found a solution that you will find truly amazing.Most Expensive Wallet: Dunhill Biometric Wallet

How much?


Most Expensive Wallet: Dunhill Biometric Wallet

The Dunhill Carbon Fiber Biometric Wallet is made from carbon fiber with a leather interior, so it is light, but durable and hard to break. But this is not its most amazing feature.

Dunhill thought of a solution to secure and personalize our wallet and make it harder for thieves to steal it. But even if they did steal, it would give them a really hard time.

And you will win some time to cancel all your cards and change a few online passwords depending on what was stored within it.

Most Expensive Wallet: Dunhill Biometric WalletDunhill claims it is “virtually indestructible” because of its locking mechanism that can only be opened by the owner. You can only open it via a fingerprint activation sensor, you don’t need complicated passwords or time consuming locking mechanism.

This is achieved by the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner on the back of the case. Sounds nice, right?

Most Expensive Wallet: Dunhill Biometric Wallet

In case it is stolen from you, it has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to trigger an alarm from more than 5 meters away using your smartphone.

The alarm sounding would make things really difficult for any thief, especially if you realize immediately that you don’t have your wallet anymore. So, it is a really cool and helpful idea and when you think that it looks great too, things become even more interesting.dunhill-biometric-wallet-600x250

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and tell me, would you buy the Dunhill Biometric Wallet? Also, check out Accessories that Every Man Should Have.