Expensive Women’s Shoes You Can Buy Right Now

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Top 5 Expensive Women’s Shoes on the Market right now

Let’s take a look at some really Expensive Shoes for Women available on the market and what makes them so appealing to you ladies!

But be careful, our list might just be the spark needed for a shopping frenzy!

Before we dive deeper into this we need to mention that these are mid-range products with a high price tag. We took the time and make a Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Women and there we take a look at exactly the pinnacle of what luxury shoes is all about, so we really recommend you to head there if you want the incredibly glamorous ones.

As far as we all know, having just few pairs of shoes is never enough. they always want more and more.

Ladies need a variety of shoes, different styles or colors. Shoes are a very important fashion item so nobody should neglect theirs.

Without anything else let’s get this started.

5. Manolo Blahnik Stretch Lace Boot – Price: $624.90

Starting our list is the Manolo Blahnik Strech Lace Book with a price tag of $624.90!

Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish designer who worked a lot in London and in the 70’s opened his own shop.

He focused on the stiletto heel, which up to now is his signature item.

This particular pair of shoes should be recognized the fans of Sex and the City at Sarah Jessica Parker.

With that kind of publicity the sales skyrocketed!

expensive shoes for women
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