Most Expensive Yoga Pants

29 March 2014

Most Expensive Yoga Pants

Next time you go to the gym make sure you have on some of the Most Expensive Yoga Pants.

When you workout is very important to wear comfortable and qualitative clothes. In order to do your exercises in proper form you need to be able to stretch and wear fabrics that won’t irritate your skin.

Everyone wants to feel good and look good. That’s why you should choose a brand with a distinct sportswear line. Here are the most popular and expensive brands that produce yoga pants.

Choose from the best:

5. Zobha Evolve Pant- $90Most Expensive Yoga Pants

Zobah was founded in 2008 as a yoga wear line and succeeded to become one of the most popular. These pants are made from 87% supplex and 13% lycra, so they are comfortable and breathable.

Being comfortable is not enough, so they are also qualitative, with long lasting wearablilty and baggy knees won’t be a problem. As Zobah says, they are “sure to become your go-to work out pant.”

4. Lorna Jane Bootleg Pant – $91Most Expensive Yoga Pants

Lorna Jane has a history of over 20 years and their company is based on the motto: “Move, Nourish, Believe.” What is special about them is that you can wear their pants for almost all sportive activities, you can dance, jog or any relaxing activity.

What you will really love about them is their hidden pocket, because if you are a woman you know how hard it is not to lose your phone or keys when you practice sports.

3. Lululemon Groove Pant- $98Most Expensive Yoga Pants

There’s no wonder they are so popular. They are comfortable and breathable, but the difference between other brands is given by the colorful waist they show. Plus, you can choose from many models and colors.

They don’t just look good, they are made from Luon fabric that gives four way stretch and moisture wicking, all for your comfort.

2. Sweaty Betty Om Yoga Pants – $120Most Expensive Yoga Pants

Sweaty Betty is a well known sportswear brand that makes clothing so that you can really feel good. The same applies to these pants made from a new fabric, so they are now completely opaque.

The Polyamide Elastane makes them feel soft and offers you high stretchability.

1. Lole VanMalli Capris – $120Most Expensive Yoga Pants

So, if you want to be the coolest at your yoga class or at the gym make sure you own a pair of the most expensive yoga pants – Lole VanMalli.

It seems that this brand cares about both how you feel and how you look, as these pants are the most stylish from the list. They are form fitting and made from an extremely soft fabric, with lace inserts and 2nd Skin Luxe, a moisture wicking antibacterial fabric.

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