15 Things Every Human Should Experience before They Die

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    Life Is All about Having Experiences That You Can Learn From. Here Are 15 Things Everyone Should Experience.

    What is it that makes up the Human Experience?  

    It’s a hard question to answer, right? 

    We’re all human, but lead very different lives with all kinds of different circumstances – so, how can we describe the “human experience” with so many variables between us? 

    Well, buckle up Aluxers, because today we’re going for a philosophical ride to examine the 15 Things Every Human Should Experience Before They Die.

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    This long article may bore you to death. So switch out to the interesting video version of this text:

    With that out of the way, let’s get straight into the article.


    Heartache… So You Can Appreciate Love

    As long as you still allow your heart to feel, this one is difficult to avoid… But, you may soon agree with us that it’s important for every human to experience.

    As with every point on the list, experiencing heartache gives you emotional context. It allows you to examine healthy relationships in your life, and fully appreciate them, because you know what it feels like to hurt – and when paired with emotional intelligence, you’ll be less likely to treat someone else the same way.

    The next time it feels like your heart is broken into a million pieces, stop and register this feeling in your memory; keep it tucked away to fully appreciate the ones who would never be the cause of your heartache.


    Loss… So You Appreciate What You Have

    We go through life trying to minimize our losses as much as we can, but have you ever thought about how they could actually serve us well in the big picture?

    People who have experienced great losses – and who don’t let those losses define them – carry many lessons learned with them into the future.

    It allows them to not take what they do have for granted and helps them to grow their decision making skills – both major wins if you ask us.


    Death… So You Can Appreciate Life

    Traumatic or violent death is something no one should ever have to experience – but death itself is quite natural, and when framed correctly in our minds, it’s not something to necessarily fear…Socrates can tell you why.

    There is however, a sadness attached to it, of course. 

    Experiencing the death of a loved one can leave what feels like a gaping hole in your chest – but it can also serve as a reminder that you are still alive; don’t take that reminder for granted and start adding more meaning to your daily life.


    Anger… So You Appreciate Peace 

    Anger is probably one of our most intense human experiences.

    In extremes, it can be toxic – so it’s vital to learn how to navigate your anger in a healthy way.

    Feel the anger, but don’t act on it. 

    Your anger is trying to tell you something about yourself; something triggered it within you – what was it, and why? Examine what you might be able to do to dissipate that anger and take action on moving through it.

    Not only will you be a happier individual for learning this skill, but it will also allow you to more fully appreciate the peaceful moments you get to enjoy as a result. 


    Chaos… So You Appreciate Calm

    Chaos means something very different to each one of us; for some, chaos is just getting their kids to all six extra-curricular activities in the run of a week – for others, it’s fleeing a burning city. 

    Living through extreme chaos can lead to PTSD and if this is you, please don’t be afraid to reach out for help; post-traumatic stress is complex, but you’re certainly not alone. 

    We of course wish no one had to endure the extremes – but chaos in all its forms carries with it, perspective. A perspective that allows you to recognize calm and appreciate peace. 


    Loneliness… So You Appreciate the Presence of Others

    Sure, some people pride themselves on being hardcore introverts, and it works well for them… but that’s not most people.

    Like everything on this list, we do not wish the extremes on anyone – but experiencing loneliness in life will allow you to more fully value times of together-ness. 

    It also can give you the opportunity to do some self-exploration and define for yourself the kind of life you would like to live, without the outside influence of others.

    But if you feel lonely quite often and want a solution for it, check out 15 Reasons Why You Feel ALONE.


    Stress… So You Appreciate Mindfulness

    Extreme stress is flat out dangerous to humans over extended periods of time – but intermittent stress can actually serve us well in life and in our careers. It can inspire us to push harder and make things work – but it can also leave us pretty drained.

    Working through stress allows you to find greater meaning in mindfulness; cultivating an awareness of the here and now, and putting a stop to the racing-thoughts and worries, to just be present and allow greater insights to come through. 

    If this is an area you struggle with, we can help you out through our Mind Mastery course; you can join the thousands of people who’ve upgraded their skillset with us by going to alux.com/courses and enrolling today. 


    Isolation… So You Appreciate Community

    This one is kind of linked to point 6 on loneliness – the difference is though, you can feel lonely within your community, but isolation is not having one.

    Human beings need community to thrive, which is why many people feel pretty isolated when they move to a new city.

    Sure, it might have been annoying in your small town when everyone knew everyone else’s business – but a lot of us don’t recognize the major value in community, until we feel like we no longer have it.

    The bright side: as long as you’re willing to act – these feelings of isolation are temporary, but your newfound appreciation won’t be. 


    Humility… So You Appreciate Learning 

    Accepting that we don’t know something can be a major blow to our ego.

    And honestly, we all have an ego, the difference is, some people are more hell-bent than others to protect its fragility, and it’s these poor saps who never learn or grow.

    Feeling – and better yet – embracing humility allows you to more fully appreciate learning and knowledge you acquire. Life flows a lot smoother when you stop digging your heels in and pretending like you know everything. 


    Cruelty… So You Appreciate Compassion & Kindness 

    Some people only experience true cruelty through the actions of others on a screen… let’s call those the ultra-fortunate. But for many of us, we humans experience some degree of cruelty through life, and it leaves an unmistakable imprint. 

    The important thing here is to lean into emotional intelligence and allow that cruelty to teach you a lesson in how NOT to act. 

    You know first hand how it feels to be treated with cruelty and you can use it as inspiration on how you would like to carry yourself through life – Remember, the view is always better when you take the high road.


    Helplessness… So You Understand the Importance of Helping Each Other

    Nothing humbles you faster, than the feeling of helplessness – but even here there’s wisdom to be gained. As mentioned in point 8, humans thrive when we work together. 

    Anthropologist Margaret Mead was once asked what the first sign of ancient civilization was and surprisingly, she said it was evidence of a broken femur bone – that had healed.

    In the animal kingdom, a broken leg basically means death; the fact that this major bone-break had healed suggests someone stayed with the fallen, carried them to safety, bound the injury and cared for them through recovery.

    It was the literal beginning of humans helping other humans to thrive, and that’s still how we do it today.  


    Fear… So You Can Recognize & Overcome Your Limits

    Ahh fear… our most intense human emotion. It can keep us alive, but it can also hold us back if we let it.

    Getting out of your comfort zone and facing fear ultimately is what allows us to level up in life. Being afraid and doing it anyway is one of those superpower character traits that can be cultivated.

    In order to do this though, you need to feel the fear and face it, not flee. 


    Confusion… So You Can Appreciate the Truth

    No one enjoys the feeling of being perplexed – but use that feeling to feed your curiosity.

    Confusion – when handled correctly – can teach us how to ask the right questions, and even give us an opportunity to more deeply get to know ourselves.

    Explore your confusion with bravery, and you will come out stronger on the other side.


    Hustle… So You Can Deeply Appreciate Life’s Simple Pleasures

    Most people in this world know what it feels like to hustle – and hustle hard. 

    Life is more fast-paced than ever before – and indeed being of sound mind and body to be able to participate in that hustle is a privilege – but it certainly does give perspective to life’s simple pleasures, doesn’t it?

    Sipping wine while watching the sun sink behind the mountains is pure bliss by comparison; the beauty found in the simple things takes on a whole new meaning when you zoom out from the hustle.


    Poverty… So You Appreciate Creating Success

    Poverty isn’t something everyone will experience and it can definitely be argued that no one should have to – unfortunately though, we don’t currently live in a world without it.

    Experiencing poverty can continue generationally – but through education, anyone can position themselves better in life and fight to end the cycle for their family…

    Experiencing poverty can – if you allow it – create a burning desire within you to create success for yourself, and appreciate when others do the same.  

    Knowing what poverty feels like can push you to help as many people as possible escape that cycle and begin building eternal wealth for themselves. 

    Which is exactly why we created a brand new course called Learning Mastery launching at the end of the week, where you will discover how to teach yourself…. anything that will add value to your life.

    And honestly, that’s one of our biggest goals here at ALUX; to provide as much value as possible, and help as many people as we can to create a better position for themselves so they can start playing this game of life, like they really mean it.

    If you feel like through our content, we’ve helped you on that journey – please remember to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to hit the bell icon, it helps us out a lot.


    Of all of these facets of the human experience – which one of them taught you the greatest lesson… and what was it? Please share with the community in the comments, we’ll be right there with you!

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