Put Yourself in the Shoes of Wimbledon Champions

28 June 2016

14. Arriving at Luxurious Accommodation

Experience Wimbledon as the Grand Slam Champion | arriving at luxurious accommodation
Experience Wimbledon as the Grand Slam Champion | Arriving at luxurious accommodation | source: rafaholics.com

World-class athletes are not just champions and superstars, they are also heroes to some others. Expect nothing but a warm luxurious welcome when they arrive to fight in prestigious tournaments, especially Wimbledon.

The luxury starts at the moment they land at the airport. It continues to the first-class accommodation they choose as their second home while they compete for two weeks in London.

Most of them choose a luxurious hotel close to the tennis court. However, some of them prefer a house, especially those who are married and have kids traveling with them like Federer and his twins.

Whichever they choose, the facilities come with luxurious amenities. The team is there for them so they don’t have to worry about anything else but their performance on the tournament.

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