The Top 15 Most Extravagant Fashion Shows Ever

10 June 2016

These are the most luxurious, expensive, show-stopping and extravagant fashion shows of all time.

Fashion is ultimately about spending money, so it’s only fitting that there would be a choice of extravagant fashion shows from the biggest names in the business.

The global fashion industry is worth billions, and the big designers put a huge amount of time and money into their runways. Some choose a more traditional approach and let the fashion speak for itself, and some prefer to create a spectacle. Chanel and Alexander McQueen are known for this, particularly, creating environments akin to art installations rather than simply fashion shows.

So this is the 15 most extravagant fashion shows the world has ever seen. There was no chance you’d get onto the FROW (front row), so this is the best view you’re going to get…

15. Thom Browne’s coffins – A/W 2012

Thom Browne 2012 runway most extravagant fashion shows
Thom Browne A/W 2012 runway via oddstuffmagazine.com

Set in the New York Public Library, this 2012 Thom Browne show featured models who had “died for fashion”, according to a pre-show announcement.

In case this metaphor wasn’t powerful enough, the models were put in actual coffins. For the majority of the show, the a selection of the models had their faces covered with thin, white material, and began the show completely still, lying in their individual coffins. The rest of the collection was paraded around them.

The audience didn’t get a lie down though, they were stood behind ropes. Hopefully the show wasn’t too long.

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