Extreme Beauty Treatments

7 January 2015

14 – Bee Venom

The “safer” version of botox (as the advertisers are saying), the bee venom has became the beauty “secret” (not much of a secret now thought) of the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall.

Don’t you think the treatment is cheap, on the contrary, is very expensive.

The cream induces a reaction in the skin that causes the body to believe it has been stung or damaged increasing blood flow and collagen by repairing the area.

Obviously, the use of venom carries with it serious risks; those who are allergic and don’t know can easily succumb to anaphylactic shock.

Extreme Beauty Treatments N14 - Bee Venom
Extreme Beauty Treatments N14 – Bee Venom |via: beautyandhealthynatural.blogspot.com|
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