Fabulous Fashionistas | London WOW Festival

8 March 2014

Fabulous Fashionistas | London WOW Festival

Ever since I randomly saw the 6 Fabulous Fashionistas on Facebook, I loved everything about them! They are 6 women with an average age of 80, who really know how to live! Bridget, Daphne, Jean, Gillian, Sue and Lady Trumpington know how to stay young and dress in style!

They have fun, they redefine ageing, they are fashion and look fabulous!

I have never thought I will ever get the chance to meet or talk to them, but I did, and it was one of the most inspiring moments in my life. Three of them – Daphne, Sue and Bridget – were invited to the WOW Festival in London, and it was simply amazing to see how much passion and desire to live these women have.

I will not bore you with their history or their life, I will present to you some photographs that talk for themselves and some quotes I hastily wrote down while trying to get as many pictures I could. Let’s have an inside into the world of the Fabulous Fashionistas!

Fabulous Fashionistas | WOW Festival in London
Bridget (75) and Jean (75)

Aged 75, Bridget says:

“It’s not fashion so much, it’s style I think”

Fabulous Fashionistas | WOW Festival in London
Daphne (85) and Sue (73)

Sue describes herself as:

“I am a walking cool art. I want to be looked at”

On a funny note, she says:

“I’m so hip that I need a replacement”

“Of course I am on Facebook, what am I, a fossil?”

Fabulous Fashionistas | WOW Festival in London

Daphne was a model when she was younger, but now, at the age of 85 and still modelling, she says she is more well-known than ever.

With an obvious sense of fashion, the Fabulous Fashionistas give us advice on how or what to wear and what attitude young people should have.

Big fan of colours, Sue says:

“Don’t fall into the trap of beige. The hell with it. I am age-less”

Fabulous Fashionistas | WOW Festival in London


The amazing and inspiring women say that retirement means death, them not being aware of ageism.

They dress quirky, funny for some, but above all, fashionable! Daphne says that at their age, people should not care about how they dress.

“This is why we’re so lucky to be old”

Fabulous Fashionistas | WOW Festival in London

The fabulous fashionistas say everyone should be atypical, that every moment should count, and keep on being curious, positive and adventurous.

Fabulous Fashionistas | WOW Festival in London

 Let’s now watch the beginning of the film it was made about these amazing women!

I hope these fabulous fashionistas have convinced you that fashion is age-less and we should live our lives saying “Carpe Diem” ! 

Let us know what you thought about them in the comments below!