Famous Logos That Have a Hidden Meaning | TOP 10

18 June 2014

Famous Logos That Have a Hidden Meaning | TOP 10

Let’s get started with Famous Logos That Have a Hidden Meaning!

Have you ever wondered what the meaning behind famous logos is? They design the logo with hidden messages that not many people can see.

We did see the meaning behind some famous logos and we are here to share it with you! If you ever thought about why the Amazon has that logo, or what’s the meaning behind Audi logo here is the place to come!

Many companies have funny and easy to understand and recognize logos, but not many people know the meaning behind the symbols.

We made this top to help you see behind the simple logo, to understand the meaning of the company.

Let’s get started to Famous Logos That Have a Hidden Meaning | TOP 10!

10. Amazon

Number 10 is a famous company that I’m sure you heard of.

As an American international electronic commerce company, Amazon had to have a badass logo. The world’s largest online retailer needed a logo with personality and power.

The message behind it is that yellow arrow which looks like a smiling face. That little thing is a representation of the wide range of items available for retail by Amazon, from A to Z.

The arrow is to show us that they sell everything from DVDs, VHs, CDs, video and MP3 to furniture, food, toys and jewelry.

What first started as an online bookstore soon diversified and become the largest online retailers. I’m sure that you bought something from them at least once!

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