Charity in Luxury | How Much Do Famous People Care?

14 April 2016

9. Jeff Gordon’s Children Foundation

Famous People's Charity Work: Charity Foundation Jeff Gordon
NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital | source: jeffgordon.com

Jeff Gordon established the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation in 2009. This NASCAR driver’s charity foundation focuses on supporting unfortunate children in battling cancer.

The foundation offers three ways for people to take part. The first one is through donation. Up until today, $16.5 million has been raised to support children with cancer. The second one is to help raising fund by organizing your own fund raising event. More than $1 million has been collected through this action.

The last one is Corvette Raffle program which focuses on pediatric cancer research, access to treatment, and patient support program. $5.2 million has been raised through this program.

These three ways to take part in Jeff Gordon’s charity foundation can be accessed through the following website: JeffGordonChildrensFoundation.org

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