These are the most famous stunt doubles in Hollywood

27 March 2015

Most Famous Stunt Doubles in Hollywood

These men and women are the famous stunt doubles who make the heroes look good in the action movies from the Hollywood scene.

Bold, courageous and with attitude they represent the real heroes in movies, because at the end of the day they are the only one who actually jump from moving cars, survive explosions or are burned alive.

No matter what the danger, these trained professionals make a living from risking their life’s for famous actors.

The great thing about being a stunt double is that these characters look a little bit like the star they’re impersonating.

Paid big money and knowing they are responsible for a double midair flip with a car, or jumping from a 700 meters building, the famous stunt doubles could easily be real life heroes.

So guys lets see what famous stunt doubles appear behind the amazing fighting scenes, car chase scenes, or any other type of stunt needed on the big movie sets.

10. Ilram Choi

From the series “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” we bring the guy who was the real spidey behind the mask.

Ilram Choi, a professional stunt man, actor, stunt coordinator and a multi-martial arts expert, performed in numerous movies as a stunt man or as an extra.

Recent activity placed him in martial art stunt for the Undisputed 3: Redemption or in The Expendables where he doubles for Jet Li.

From the man behind the mask of Spider-Man, stunt man in Star Trek or coordinator for different stunts, Ilram Choi say’s that being a professional stunt man is hard work.

That means guys, that for the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, he was tossed around a lot, hanged upside down and many other types of activities that were specifics for the role that he share with Andrew Garfield.

#10 Ilram Choi | Most Famous Stunt Doubles | Image Source: koreatimesus.com
#10 Ilram Choi | Most Famous Stunt Doubles | Image Source: koreatimesus.com
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