Fashion Brands in the Great Gatsby Movie

23 September 2014

Fashion Brands in the Great Gatsby Movie

From Prada dresses to Tiffany & Co jewellery, The Great Gatsby has it all! Looks like fashion brands in the Great Gatsby are everywhere and I am sure that those of you who already watched the movie are wondering where all those amazing dresses, suits and accessories come from.

At least I know I was, and so I decided to give you an insight into the amazing and luxurious world of the Great Gatsby!

The lovely Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) wore not just one, but several Miu Miu and Prada designed dresses, of which the centre of attention is considered to be the crystal-laden party gown.

Creating 40 costumes for the amazing movie, Prada promoted the flapper girl style, using 2010/11 collections and bringing back the 1920’s fashion.

Fashion Brands in the Great Gatsby Movie
Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan in a 1920s more relaxed outfit
Fashion Brands in the Great Gatsby Movie
Daisy dressed in Prada party gown at Gatsby’s party

Not leaving the gentlemen aside, Brooks Brothers is one of the fashion brands present in the Great Gatsby Movie! The luxurious brand created all menswear in the film, that consisting of around 500 suits, hats and tuxedos along with 1700 accessories, all from 1920s catalogue.

Fashion Brands in the Great Gatsby Movie
Leonardo DiCaprio in Brooks Brothers 1920s suit

Along with the breath-taking clothes, some accessories were needed, and not just “some accessories”, but Tiffany & Co. designed ones. The famous brand has designed numerous jewellery pieces, such as diamonds, pearls, bracelets and headpieces.

Besides the collections presented, Jazz Age Glamour and Ziegfeld Collection, some of the pieces are especially designed for the movie – such as the Gatsby’s cuff links, the pearl necklace, the diamond hand-jewellery at the party – or brought to life from Tiffany & Co. archives, such as the tiara headband. If you are wondering how much the 30 jewellery pieces created for The Great Gatsby are worth, the price is no lower than 2 million dollars!

Fashion Brands in the Great Gatsby Movie
Tiffany & Co. jewellery pieces

The last, but not the least famous brand promoted in the movie is the extravagant Moet & Chandon champagne, shown during several party scenes.

Fashion Brands in the Great Gatsby Movie
Have a glass of Moet & Chandon with the Great Gatsby

Those are the most well-known fashion brands in the Great Gatsby movie!

Hope you enjoyed this article and let us know what you think about the luxurious life presented in the film.