Fashion no-no trends (for her)| Top 5

3 March 2014

Fashion no-no trends (for her) | Top 5

We are always talking about fashion around here, what’s IN this season, what is going to be OUT next one, what skirts and dresses girls should wear or what types of watches are the best for men.

But what about the trends which were considered to be “fashion” a long time ago and today are just no-no’s? Even though some of them have been reinvented and are still IN on the catwalk, they do not always look good on a daily basis.

Some of you Ealuxers might know them, or might have even worn them, so let’s take a look at top 5 fashion no-no trends women used to wear in the 50s and 60s!

#5 – Cat suits


Fashion no-no trends (for her)| Top 5

Of course, Beyonce or Rihanna look amazing in a cat suit, on stage, but where else could you wear a cat suit? On Halloween maybe.


#4 – Union Jack


Fashion no-no trends (for her)| Top 5

Indeed, Britain is a great country, but too much is too much. In 1968 the boutiques were selling shirts as part of the ‘I’m Backing Britain’ campaign, but that is long gone, so we say it’s better to keep it simple.


#3 – Patchwork


Fashion no-no trends (for her)| Top 5

Before the 60s patchwork has been mostly used to create bed covers, but for the hippie lovers it became a trend. We agree, this dress looks quite nice, but if you still own just pieces of material cobbled together, it’s time to go to shopping!


#2 – Wigs


Fashion no-no trends (for her)| Top 5

The era of wigs and fake hair is long gone (as I hope all of you know). So forget the hairspray and the big puffy hairstyle, and keep it natural, it’s way more sexy!


#1 – PVC clothes


Fashion no-no trends (for her)| Top 5

This is our number one fashion no-no trend girls and I believe there is no need for an explanation. Except for the times when you really are going for a weird and quirky look, leave your PVC at home!

These were top 5 Fashion no-no trends for women! We hope we convinced you not to wear any of them any time soon!

Have you girls ever worn any?