15 Questions To Ask Yourself When You’re Feeling Stuck in Life

2 September 2018

Feeling stuck in life? Here’s how to get over it!

There are only a few things worse than feeling stuck in your life, like your life is going nowhere, you don’t know what to do with it and nothing seems to make sense.

Believe it or not, most people get through this sensation of feeling stuck in a similar fashion, despite nobody actually putting it down in a more step by step approach. Until now that is.

What better way to set things in order than evaluation yourselves. We recommend you grab a piece of paper and a pen and actually write these questions down along with the answers.

We’ve all been there and to be honest, we consider it a dangerous place to stay in for too long, because the worst thing you can experience is life passing you by while you’re going nowhere.

It doesn’t matter if you’re undertaking a new project and it’s simply not going the way you wanted, or you feel the need for an important change in your life, this list should help you clear the fog – even just a little bit.

As always, here’s the video version of 15 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Feeling Stuck:

These were the questions we ask whenever we find ourselves feeling stuck. Go ahead, see what answers you come up with! Let’s get started!

Number 1: What will my life look like if I continue like this?
Imagine yourself in the last few days of your life. You find yourself older than you wish you were. Life was decent but it wasn’t great! When you look back, you don’t smile as much as you hoped you would at this point. Your past is filled by regret and mediocrity.

Just before you are about to die you get one chances to traveling back in time to this exact moment while you’re reading this article right now! All your future memories are gone, the only thing left is your fear of ending up the same way you did last time.

This is happening right now Aluxer!

It’s time to write a new destiny for yourself and this time, really go for it!

Number 2: What is my life missing right now?
Break it down! What do you feel that your life is lacking? List at least 5 things you wish were more abundant in your life!

Now go over that list and think how much better your life would be if these were integrated into your existence, if the list was part of your everyday life?

Harsh truth: these will not just happen to you! If you just wait for them to show up at your doorstep you’re gonna be disappointed. Nobody is going to make your life perfect for you!

The most important thing to understand is:


feeling stuck - nothing changes unless you do - alux quote
feeling stuck – nothing changes unless you do – alux quote

So if you’re serious about no longer feeling stuck, changes need to happen!

Number 3: What do I want the most right now?
As you start to think about it, there’s usually one thing particular to your current situation which stands out the most. It would have the biggest positive impact.

The trap most people fall in at this point is thinking of an incredible amount of money, that would somehow miraculously show up in their life. There are 2 problems with this scenario.

  1. You think money will solve all of your problems when in reality these problems come from the poor management of your own body and mind. You are literally an ineffective boss to yourself!
  2. You want rewards which you have not earned and deep down you are aware that it’s not gonna happen.

What we want you to do is imagine a long staircase and what you want is at the top. The number of stairs depends on how far you are from whatever you wish you had in your life right now.

Unless you start climbing one step at a time, you’re not gonna get it.

Be honest with yourself and embed this in your mind!

Number 4: What do I hope it will bring me?
What would it mean for myself to get it? What empty space would this achievement fill in my life? Or maybe it would be just an upgrade to a new level of being alive!

What would you life FEEL like when you do get it?!

This feeling is the real thing you’re searching for and the true destination of your quest.

Now that you understand what exactly is that you hope to find it’s time to strategize about it!

Number 5: What am I happy about in my life already?
What achievements are you proud of? What obstacles have you overcome and came out glorious on the other side?

Try to find at least one instance in your life where you were faced with difficulty, when things weren’t looking all that bright but in spite of all that you came out victorious. This serves as proof that you have the ability to overcome adversity.

Then look for everything you have great in your life. The people you know, the memories you have, the knowledge you possess and the achievement as little as it may be which nobody can take away from you.

It’s easier to build on a pre-existing foundation than to disregard everything as useless.

If you don’t have many reasons to be happy with your life, we recommend you watch our previous video called 15 reasons why you are unhappy. Fix those and then you’re ready to move forward.

Number 6: How did I acquire said happiness or achievement?
What was the process like? What actions did you take in order to overcome the difficulties of the past? Did you take extra risks? Did you prepare yourself a little bit better? Did you simply get lucky or was it a combination of all of them including timing?

From this point of view, life is pretty cyclical in nature, it changes the scenario but the ingredients to solving the problem are usually the same ones with small adjustments to better fit the situation you find yourself in.

Break down exactly how you did it in the past! Just writing this down will serve you great as we move down this list!

Number 7: What is standing in my way this time?
Why do you feel stuck? What’s blocking your path to the promised land?

The goal here is to get as specific as possible with all aspects of the issue. Think of it from 3 perspectives:

  1. What obstacles are in front of you? Will you need specific tools or resources to overcome them?
  2. What obstacles are within yourself? Is it the lack of a particular skill or a state of mind that makes you feel that you’re unable to push through?
  3. What traps are behind you keeping you chained to the past and not allowing you to move forward?

Looking at the issue from all 3 perspectives strips the issue down to all the known variables and finally you know what you’re really dealing with here.

Number 8: How true are these obstacles?
After putting them all down on the list from all 3 perspective is time to be honest with yourself and see which of them are actual obstacles and which are just excuses you kept making up until this point.

In life you’ll have to play with the hand you’ve been dealt.

There are some things that you can change while others are out of your control.

From now on, you’re gonna focus on the things you can actively change to your benefit.

Number 9: What skills and tools do you need to acquire in order to move forward?
Now that you know what aspects of your life you can control, it’s time to gear up.

Acquiring the skills and tools you need to push through will take time! It will not happen overnight!

I know you were probably hoping that this article will somehow give you an instant fix of motivation and inspiration, but we don’t believe is Santa Clause, so a miracle cure is as unlikely as a fat man delivering presents for being good all year. That’s not what we do here at Alux!

It’s time you took yourself seriously and start building yourself up. Level up, get that XP until the challenges ahead don’t seem that unapproachable!

Number 10: What do I need to do right now that I’ve been avoiding?
Guess what?
The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding!

feeling stuck - The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding -alux quote
feeling stuck – The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding -alux quote

You probably know there’s one immediate thing you could do, but for some fake reason you’ve been putting it off for so long. You want a breakthrough?! You want to no longer feel stuck in your life? Go ahead and start putting the work you were neglecting before which you know will make a difference.

Want to get healthy? Eat better and hit the gym. That’s it!
Want to increase your income? Work longer and smarter!
Want to finish that project you’ve began but is still incomplete? Sit yourself down with it and force yourself to push it further.

You want to Win this game of life? Find out the rules and then get better at playing the game!
Watch out video on 15 Rules to Win at Life if you haven’t already. Small changes yield incredible results if you are aware of them.

Number 11: Is my life in order?
If you’re serious about this, you can no longer act like a child. Look around you, what is your environment like? Pay close attention to it, to the room you’re sitting in right now, is everything where it should be? It is clean? Is it orderly? Fix it!

Then look at your house, at your relationships, at your health.. Put them in order and fix them.

By doing that you are actively fixing yourself, for you are broken right now. Otherwise you wouldn’t have found yourself in this state of mind.

If you’ve been struggling with this a while, there’s a really great book by Dr. Jordan Peterson which tackles specifically this issue called 12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos! If you go to alux.com/freebook and sign up you’ll get the audiobook for free!

Number 12: What is one thing that I know is bad that I should stop doing?
It’s generally easier to stop doing something that you know it’s bad for you than picking up a new positive habit.

Let’s use that to your advantage. You are aware that at least some of the things you’re doing in your life have a negative effect upon you. Find the easiest one to get rid of and remove it.

This initial progress will help you build confidence to remove more toxic elements. Before you know it, things are getting better and better for you!

Number 13: Who can help me?
No matter what obstacle you have in front of you there are people who overcame it. They know how to do it and will happily share that information with you. You just need to figure out the right question! We can’t stress enough how important this subtle difference is!

Even if you don’t have access to these people, you can still read their stories and find keys to doors you yourself tried to open before but failed.

You’re not the first one to feel stuck, so stop trying to create brand new paths to the issue. Figure out the trails used by others who have already figured it out.

Number 14: Why am I reaching for Perfect instead of Good Enough?
The moment you understand that “Good Enough” now is better than “Perfect” but never, your life changes dramatically. Everything that was holding you down is crumbling.

You are finally moving forward. Perfect should set the direction, but good enough should tell you when it’s time to jump.

Just set yourself free of the chains of perfection and embrace progress. When you draw the line, it doesn’t matter who “Wanted to do more”.

Number 15: Am I going to live a life of mediocrity or would I rather just go for it?
Remember the first thing we said when we began this list? The story with you on your deathbed traveling to this moment right now?

Think of that version of yourself, because you define the type of life you will live. Bigger risks, bigger rewards, incredible memories, making a difference and a life worth remembering.

It’s funny and sad at the same time, how most people will never make the leap. It’s time to make a choice Aluxer! Will You jump or will you settle into mediocrity? Let us know your answer in the comments!

That was our strategy to getting over the ”Feeling Stuck in Life” moment, hopefully you found some value in it!