FIFA World Cup Trophy: The Most Expensive And Fashionable Trophy

19 June 2014

FIFA World Cup Trophy: The Most Expensive And Fashionable Trophy

It seems like fashion isn’t immune to FIFA World Cup fever. Today we are presenting you what everybody is talking about- the most expensive and fashionable trophy in the world: FIFA World Cup trophy.

Have you ever wondered what are all those national teams fighting for so desperately?

Or how expensive the actual trophy is? Is it true that it is designed by a luxury brand?

For all those questions this is the place to be!

Those 32 teams competing these days in Brazil are playing for the chance to win the most prestigious trophy in the world, that is worth no less then 200.000 $. Glory? Honor? Sure.

FIFA World Cup Trophy- the most Expensive And Fashionable Trophy

A Louis Vuitton custom-designed, one-of-a-kind case of the 18K gold trophy will be used for the Cup’s travels around the world with the winning team. That is definitely something you don’t see everyday!

FIFA World Cup Trophy Case

Ever wondered if football can be chic? That’s your proof right there.

The case comes in the brand’s traditional brown&gold color scheme with the signature monogram pattern all over the trunk’s exterior and can be opened with a fold down door that reveals the ultra expensive statue.

Besides it’s worth and the fashionable case, the World Cup trophy will be presented by the supermodel Gisele Bundchen at the closing ceremony at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on 13th of July.

Name doesn’t say much? Surely a photo will.

FIFA WorldCup Trophy

So continue to watch the FIFA World Cup games to see which lucky team will be invited by the beautiful Gisele to take the this legendary trophy home.

Which team do you think will win the FIFA World Cup trophy?

FIFA World Cup Trophy The most Expensive And Fashionable Trophy

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