The 10 Fashion Films Everyone Should See

27 February 2016

10 Films About the Fashion World You Must Watch

The fashion world is a fascinating place that seems to attract more people day by day. Fashion does not necessarily mean only beautiful clothes and make up. In order to be able to understand more about this industry and how exactly this art is created, here is a list of films about the fashion world that everyone should watch and contemplate about.

Being in the fashion world also means effort, talent, struggles and exhaustion. Success does not come overnight and those who reached for it worked very hard to be where they are now.

These films are a must-see if you want to know exactly how the fashion world works.

10. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

We will start our list of films about the fashion world with The Devil Wears Prada. Although every girl dreams of working in the world of fashion, this film shows us that it is not always rainbows and butterflies.

Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is a simple girl with no fashion knowledge, who aspires for a journalistic career. After she graduates from university she is hired as second-assistant to Miranda Priestly, the ruthless chief editor of Runway fashion magazine.

At first she finds it very hard to fit in, due to her simple style. However, she takes this job as a challenge and with the help of art director Nigel (Stanley Tucci) she begins to dress up in a stylish way. Her new lifestyle is affecting her relationship with her boyfriend and friends.

In the end, Andrea leaves the fashion world behind and is offered a job as a newspaper reporter. Miranda herself sent a fax to that newspaper telling them that they would be idiots if they didn’t hire Andrea.

Films About the Fashion World| Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt
Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt via hollywood.com

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