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13 July 2014

First Date Tips For Women

Do you remember your very first date? I’m sure you do! How was it? It could be better, couldn’t it? Maybe you did have fun, but there are still some things you would like to change if you could. But it’s ok. Do you know why? Because we all need to go on a first date sometime and we don’t know what to expect and we do feel a little bit nervous or very excited, it depends on your character and the person you’re going to meet.

What’s the very first thing that pops up in your mind when he asks you on a date? Exactly!!! “What should I wear? How to dress? Should I use make-up? OMG I need to go shopping!”

The truth is that you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression and you might want to give your best! Before that, you need to have an idea of what kind of date you’re going on. You should bare in mind some external factors, for example: the weather, location and time of day. Those little things will really help you to dress appropriately for your first date! This is First Date Tips For Women!

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The Outfit:

It can be really difficult to decide what to wear. You want to look at your best and to wear something casual at the same time. You need that outfit which looks like it was made for you and your body type.

You have to choose an outfit that will make you look and feel good. This is the only way to feel confident about yourself and your outfit.

You are a woman, so wear clothes that emphasize your assets but without being too provocative. For example don’t wear a really mini skirt; He doesn’t need to see your underwear, at least not yet! What I really mean by wearing clothes that emphasize your assets is that you should wear clothes that are your size (not too big, not too small) and can minimize your flaws.

You can go shopping if you think you really have to, but you might already have something that will look amazing on you! You should make sure that you would be comfortable all throughout the date so you should go for something simple but elegant.

Keep in mind that it’s your first date and you don’t really know each other well romantically. Try not to be provocative because is a definite NO! You can make him feel quite weird as well, be classy, be glamorous, dress smart! What you wear on a first date can tell quite a lot. Your outfit on the first date would greatly matter so be wise and careful.

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