Fitness Routine – Taking a leaf out of a Boxer’s book

10 May 2016

It is still being widely debated as to what exactly is the ideal fitness level for a man or a woman in different stages of their lives. But one thing is for sure, you need to work your way to a fit body and no human can possibly consider himself to be fit without physically working out in some way or the other. Building up your stamina, endurance and strength are the main features that help define an individual’s level of fitness.

Boxers have always been considered as one of the most physically fit athletes to walk the planet. Boxing workouts are great for building a solid foundation to achieve high levels of fitness. Here are a few workouts that can help you achieve that ideal level of fitness required to function your body at the top level:

Run Forrest Run!

Roadwork is always the first thing on the menu to start off with building stamina and endurance for your body. Usually a 2 to 5 mile run does the trick. But a few advancements in running routines can make a much more interesting and effective method of working out. Similar to running are swimming and biking exercises that work just as effectively.

Pyramid Intervals:

This routine is very beneficial if you’re working to better your time over short distances. A rest period is involved in between each set, it’s important to rest but only for a very short span of time. Here’s a sample routine to help you understand this work out a little better:

80-100 meters sprint
250-300 meters sprint
500-600 meters sprint
250-300 meters sprint
80-100 meters sprint

You can probably guess by now why it’s called pyramid intervals because you begin by covering short distances and then work your way to longer distances and then work back to shorter distances.

Get a Punching Partner:

Just like we earlier mentioned how physically fit boxers are, a lot of it is down to hours and hours of work that they put in their punching bags. Heavy boxing bags are a boxer’s best friend. Some of the people have difficulty working out because of a bad breathing technique. A punching bag is a great tool to help you work with.

Here’s a routine that boxers usually use to work with their bags:

Warm up properly and land a few solid punches without using much of your strength.
With full power start landing jabs
Jab and throw a cross. Repeat
Jab, cross, hook. Repeat
Jab, cross, hook, uppercut. Repeat
Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, body punch. Repeat

Do a set of 3 rounds and rest for 30 seconds in between each round.

Never skip, ‘skipping!’

You know what’s a cheaper fitness tool than a jump rope? Gravity. That’s right, the cost effectiveness of a jump rope is beyond belief. At a meager cost of just $5, jump rope can do wonders to boost up your body’s endurance and stamina. All great boxers are phenomenal rope jumpers. It helps them move improving foot work and balance to keep you on your toes, alert and ready for any incoming action from your opponents. It’s also a great way to just work-out right where you stand without having to labour the journey to a park or a gym. Take a look at few of these exercises that you can perform with the rope:

2 footed basic jump

Jump with both your feet joined together while landing on the balls of your feet. Try to make 10 to 15 jumps initially and then gradually add more jumps as you get better.

Jumping and Running

Hop and move at the same time, bit like a bunny. You can do this exercise with both your feet or by landing on alternative feet.