See this Emirates Flight Attendant Pouring Champagne from Glass Back into Bottle After Serving Business Class Passengers!

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Passenger Spots Flight Attendant Pouring Champagne Back into the Bottle in Emirates Business Class!

Watch this flight attendant pouring champagne back into the bottle in Emirates Business Class!

Spotted by Evgeny Kayumov, the Emirates flight attendant is seeing pouring champagne she just served to business class passengers, back into the bottle.

The passenger accidentally caught the airline stewardess pouring champagne from a glass back into the bottle on camera.

When he caught her, he didn’t even wanted to capture the moment, but accidentally filmed it while making a video on the upper deck of the A380 for his social media accounts.

He posted the video on his account with the caption in Russian, “Emirates, accidentally got into the frame, did not even notice at first … Dump the bottle of champagne not drunk ? Or this is the norm?”

Kayumov directed the question at the @emirates Instagram page. Eventually he removed the video but not until it had been viewed nearly 12,000 times. It even received over 700 likes.

People also posted comments at his post with sick face emojis and more questions about the incident.

‘She should be commended for not being careless,’ one person wrote.

‘Someone else could have simply thrown the excess in the sink – which is a total waste. Maybe it could have been more elegant if this action done in the galley instead of the open bar.

‘But good for her and good for @emirates to have responsible crew like this lady.’

Some of the commenters pointed out that the flight attendant might not be pouring leftover champagne drank by someone else into the bottle. She may have overfilled a glass and tried to repair the mistake.

Others said that she might have poured more glasses than she needed, while some said that she wanted to take some of the expensive champagne for herself.

What the company had to say about this incident?

An Emirates spokesperson responded to the incident, saying:

“Emirates strives to consistently deliver the highest quality products and customer service. What the video depicts is not in line with our service standards. We are investigating the matter.”

The incident appeared to involve unconsumed complimentary Champagne handed to passengers after they board the aircraft.

Passenger Spots Flight Attendant Pouring Champagne Back into the Bottle in Emirates Business Class!
Passenger Spots Flight Attendant Pouring Champagne Back into the Bottle in Emirates Business Class!

The company, famous for being one of the most luxurious carriers in the world  offers first-class product to business class.

It is unclear why the flight attendant would do such thing. What do you say about this incident?

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