10 Bars Around the World That Are Straight From The Future

8 April 2015

These Futuristic Bars Are Out Of This World

Accustomed to bars with intricate in designs, catchy themes and a diverse menu, we would like to present another approach, the futuristic bars, places where technology is at its peak.

Taking the technology express to downtown high-tech, we found some futuristic bars where the latest gadgets are working side by side with waiters.

Not only the general composition of a bar was changed, but also how they work, what can they offer and what bold devices they use, all based on the idea that the world is evolving.

With technology bringing the younger generation by its side, these attractive bars thought that their general themes can be improved with some technology based gadgets to emphasize the futuristic concept.

10. The Bionic Bar, Quantum of The Seas Cruise

The Bionic Bar is our first choice when it comes to futuristic bars and the way technology changed the vision of Mark Shakr, is a step forward in the concept of mechanical bartenders.

The only one of its kind in the world and also created to be featured in the most advance cruise ships ever made, The Bionic Bar is a concept where industrial robotic arms are introduced to the commercial use.

So basically the man behind this idea, thought that he could make a bar where the bartenders are machines who formerly assembled cars and use his MIT skill to make it happen.

With bottles hanging from the ceiling and with two robotic arms juggling with glasses and mixing your favorite drink, the Bionic Bar was created.

No more tips for these guys and also your order can come faster because the two robots can make a drink per minute each.


#10 The Bionic Bar, Quantum of The Seas | Futuristic Bars | Image Source: touramerica.ie
#10 The Bionic Bar, Quantum of The Seas | Futuristic Bars | Image Source: touramerica.ie
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