Futuristic Driverless Electric Car

20 March 2014

Futuristic Driverless Electric Car

From the science fiction movies, brought to reality, a question that we all had in our minds, would will be able to drive a car without driving it?

I know that some cars already have an auto-pilot these days, but this is completely something else.

How would you like to read a book, work on a project, or just sit back and relax watching a movie while driving your car?

Presented at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, engineered by 4erc and built at Esoro, Rinspeed XchangE is anautonomous and completely electric car concept based on the Tesla Model S that wanted to demonstrate that all this is possible.

So let’s see how the Futuristic Driverless Electric Car looks like and what you can do in it!

Futuristic Driverless Electric Car

Just kick back, relax and watch a movie on the 32-inch screen placed in the rear of the futuristic driverless electric car while it drives itself where you need to go.

Futuristic Driverless Electric Car

The position of the seats permitting you to adjust, turn and tilt them, comes from a manufacturer of medical prosthetics, Ottobock mobility solutions, and allows you to arrange the advanced seats into more than twenty positions.

Futuristic Driverless Electric Car

Move your office into your car, work on your projects while you’re travelling, browse the internet, read or listen to music. And if you’re tired from all that hard work, well.. serve a coffee.

Futuristic Driverless Electric Car

This is the perfect demonstration that individual transportation can be transformed into a high-tech self driving living space.

Futuristic Driverless Electric Car

Incorporated in the head of the dashboard, above the movable steering wheel and integrated in a transparent globe sits the world’s most expensive watch winder, manufactured by the swiss watch-maker Carl F. Bucherer.

Futuristic Driverless Electric Car

The interior of the futuristic driverless electric car was developed by STRÄHLE+HESS and it’s made out of blue and gray gradient textiles giving it a marine feel.

The futuristic driverless electric car is using the Harman Infotainment System and is able to communicate with other similar programs and can intelligently link to online data sources.

It seems that the future sounds promising, turning more science fiction scenarios into reality. But would you like to own such a car or see the streets filled with them?

Some might say that this is taking all the fun out of driving, but on the other side, it brings other activities that you couldn’t possibly do while driving.

Let us know what’s your opinion on this amazing car concept, and what do you think are the cons and pro.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the Futuristic Driverless Electric Car.


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Official Website and Photo Credits: Rinspeed