Futuristic Wall Design | Responsive Hexi Wall

12 March 2014

Futuristic Wall Design | Responsive Hexi Wall

When it comes to futuristic designs, we’re all for it. The world is evolving everyday, and so we’re doing it with it.

We all know that the basic wall decoration consists in paintings, book shelves and so on, but today I’m here to present you another work of art, a futuristic wall design that will blow your mind. Wonder what can this be? Well keep reading!

The responsive Hexi wall is brought to you by Canada-based designer Thibault Sld. So you might wonder what is a responsive wall.

Well it’s a futuristic wall design made from 60 moving modules that allow the shapes to fluctate and mirror a persons movements when they walk past.

So let’s see what the Futuristic Hexi Wall Design looks like.

Futuristic Wall Design | Responsive Hexi Wall

Thibault Sld explores the realm where “geometry, light, mechanisms and interaction collide,” by creating interactive displays and lights that respond to exterior input.

Futuristic Wall Design | Responsive Hexi Wall

Created with a series of 60 wall-mounted panels, the French-trained graphic designer’s futuristic wall design collects real-time data with motion-tracking technology to decode and interpret gestures made by a person at close range.

Futuristic Wall Design | Responsive Hexi Wall

The movement is recorded by depth-sensing cameras, and after analysis, each panel receives discreet instructions for a motor-controlled response. Yet despite all the technical logistics behind its function, the result appears much more organic, almost like a dance.

Futuristic Wall Design | Responsive Hexi Wall

Like a vision out of a science fiction film, the futuristic wall design Hexi mesmerizing waves of kinetic flow materialize in a rippling unison, countering the gesture performed by man in close proximity to the installation.

Imagine an entire room, or at least an entire wall covered in something like this. Well that`s what I call futuristic wall design!

If you want to get more information on the responsive Hexi wall, you can learn more over on his website.

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